It’s time for that yearly tradition,

The production of Albert’s play.

Will children who wish to audition

Be on stage after school today!

As soon as Albert had picked out the cast,

He set the crew into motion.

They began with a tub and a flagpole mast,

And they painted the blue of the ocean.

The stars, the moon, the bongs, and the boat—

There were too many things to do! Posters to draw, and boxes to tote,

  And learning to dance on cue,

On cue,

On cue,

And learning to dance on cue.

They dangled the stars and the dancing moon

While working faster and faster.

No one had yet found a runcible spoon—

This could be a disaster!

There were masks to make too,
to cut, and to glue.

Would they ever get everything done?

Rehearsal was called for half-past two.

Who said doing a play would be fun,

Be fun,

Be fun?

Who said doing a
play would be fun?

Albert fixed the lights and wiped some tears.

They rehearsed until it was right.

He soothed those last-minute jitters and fears,

And said, “You’ll be
fine by tonight.”

They put on their costumes,
practiced a bow,

Albert double-checked every detail.

The theater is full—Shhhh! it’s just minutes now,

Till the Owl and the Pussy-cat sail,

Set sail,

Set sail,

Till the Owl and the Pussy-cat sail.

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