Sex is an ultimate human experience & nature’s gifts to us, if you are good at sex, there’s absolutely nothing like it and if your weak in sex it can be truly terrible, This simple effect can lead to anxiety, you will loose your self-confidence and go into depression and incapable of enjoying truly fulfilling relationship with women.

Most common problem which a person commonly experience in his life early or later stage is ERACTILE DYFUNCTION

# FAQ about Eractile Dysfunction – Have a look

Q : What is Eractile Dysfunction (ED ) ?

Erectile dysfunction (previously called impotence) is inabilty to get or maintain an eraction that is sufficient to ensure satisfactory sex for both partners

Q : What is the cause of Eractile dysfunction ?

The cause may be physical, psychological, or both.The Main Cause Is Nervine Weakness.Due to weakness in nerves, the penis muscles lose their strength & penis losses its hardness.this leads to problem during iintercourse.

Q : Do Smoking & Drinking affects this condition ?

Yes, they both do. Smoking causes damage to blood vessels and this slows blood flow to the penis.If you drink alcohol, it’s best to have no more than two drinks a day. Alcohol slows down your central nervous system and can make it more difficult for you to get an erection.

Q : At about what age a person start getting this problem ?

while episodes of ED are common in younger men, it is much more frequently found in older men.Current statistics are not available for South Africa, but in America about 10% of men are believed to be affected. Incidence rises with age: about five percent of men at the age of 40 and between 15 and 25% of men at the age of 65 suffer from erectile dysfunction and the percentage grows to 70% as men reach 80 years of age. As men age, they typically report some loss of sexual desire as well, although neither loss of desire nor erectile dysfunction is an unavoidable feature of ageing.

Q : Is it normal to get eractile problem ?

Yes ! it is, in the sense that many men have erectile problems, especially at times of great changes in their lives. In fact it is probably more widespread than people realise, as proven by the popularity of anti-impotence drugs on the market. It is estimated that men with erectile problems take an average of five years before going to the doctor. It should not be ignored, as erectile problems often point to other physical problems, such as diabetes.

Q : Can Eractile Dysfunction be prevented ?

Yes ! It is a temporary phase & easily curable .

Q : Does ED sometimes clear by itself ?

Yes ! It does. Especially if it was the result of a stressful situation which has been resolved, or an injury that has healed.

Q : When a person need to go for treatment Or consult with doctor ?

If a person experience this problem from last one month contineusly than he must consult with a expert physician , before its too late .

Q : What happened if person ignore this problem for long time ?

It will lead to complete Impotency.

Q : Eractile Dysfunction natural treatment ?

A lots of herbs can be used to cure this problem from root.
#Ashwaganda**—Withania somnifera
• Ancient tonic for promoting longevity, vitality. Increases sperm count.
• Normalizes reproductive hormones. Improves endurance and fatigue.

#: Astragalus**—Milk Vetch/Astragalus membranaceous
• Increases sperm count, vitality, energy, sexual function and endurance.
• Normalizes reproductive glands, improves nervous and immune function

# Chaste Tree**—Agnus castus
• Treats impotence, infertility and emissions, especially in old age, from
sexual overindulgence, excess masturbation or after venereal disease.
• Regulates the pituitary, increases sperm count, increases testosterone.

# Cordyceps**—Cordyceps sinensis
• Helps impotence, improves sexual function and release of reproductive hormones, increases sperm activity and is used in states of exhaustion.

# Damiana***—Turneria aphrodisiaca
• Stimulates circulation in the penis and clitoris, increases sensitivity.
• Enhances pleasure, stimulates sexual performance, relieves anxiety.
• Strengthens hormonal and nervous systems; testosterone-like effects.

# Maca* * *—Lepidium meyenii
• Traditional Peruvian aphrodisiac and cure for impotence, infertility.
• Increases sex drive, sexual stamina and strength; improves erectile dysfunction, male impotence, increases sperm count, counters fatigue.
• Improves physical strength; helps maintain activity in geriatric men.

# Muira Puama***—Ptychopetalum olacoides
• Increases sexual desire, helps in impotency or maintaining erection.
• May work through nervous system or increase sex hormone production.
• Studies show it increases libido in 62% and improves impotence in 51%.

# Oats**—Avena sativa
• For impotence due to nervous exhaustion, overwork, mental stress.
• Helps with substance withdrawal. Neurological tonic, improves libido.

# Sarsaparilla**—Smilax officinalis
• Contains precursors to synthesis of male sex hormones. Used traditionally in Central and South America, as well as China and Caribbean.
• A tonic and aphrodisiac, increases muscle mass, treats impotence.

# Tribulus**—Tribulus terrestris
• Helps low sex drive, impotence, infertility; improves heart, liver, kidney.
• Markedly stimulates libido, fertility in both sexes; increases testosterone and estriol levels significantly (30% in 5 days). Helps menopause.

& Many more………..
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