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A comparison of 3 children heros


Matt, Ariel, and Deomonte love was 3 kids who had experience a terrible hurricane and seen the horrible aftermath of what the hurricane did to them. Although they are survivors, they have many differences...

Similarities All 3

Matt, Ariel, and Deomonte love are all hurricane survivors that became heros toward the end of the horrible storm. They all experience the horrible after math of the hurricanes.


Matt is a 17 year old boy who had experience and survived Hurricane Sandy. He was known as a hero when he helped a grandmother get to the neighbor house. He had to swim through deep, cold, and most nasty water just to save her life. When Matt got back from their neighbors house, his basement was completely destroyed. When the hurricane stop, his whole neighborhood was badly damaged. Most of the houses was completely gone, many people was injured or killed, and many people had to move away. One of Matt friend had to move away because his house was burned all the way to ground.

Ariel was a 14 year old girl who experience and survived hurricane sandy. Ariel and her family had evacuated to one of their family member's house until the hurricane was over. When she got back, her basement was flooded, but not destroyed. Ariel was known as a hero when she started up a program that helped the other hurricane survivors that lost theirs homes and goods. It involved some charity help, and soon she was reconized by the president and received a metal at the white house.

Deomonte Love was a 6 year old child who survived Hurricane Katrina. He got taken from his mom to find a shelter in Texas. He became a hero because he helped a baby and five toddlers find the nursery care to lead him to the new shelter. In the end he found the shelter that surprisingly had his mom.

Matt & Ariel

Some similarities between Matt and Ariel is that they both survived Hurricane Sandy. They both had a horrible experience of what the hurricane have done to their neighborhood. Then they was both known as heroes.

Matt & Deomonte Love

Matt and Deomonte was both survivors of a hurricane. They both was known as heroes and saved lives physically. The both experience horrible aftermath and bad times from a hurricane. They both was brave.

Ariel & Deomonte Love

Ariel and Deomonte survived a hurricane. They both was heroes. They experiance some of the most horrible aftermath of the hurricane.

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