When and Where

On a warm summer day in 1984, on the small, coast side town of Oriental, North Carolina, two high school students fell in love.  These two high school students were Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole.  21 years later, an unexpected event brings the two back together, and they are forced to face their past together.  


Dawson Cole:

- Dawson Cole was raised in a very abusive and unhealthy family. Dawson was forced to leave his home when the abuse from his father turned deadly.  Years later, while working as an oil rig worker, he is nearly killed by an explosion.  The next day, Dawson went back to Oriental, North Carolina where he was born and raised.  When Dawson returns back he finds out that someone very special to him passed away and because of this Dawson is forced to face his one true love again after 21 years.  

Amanda Collier:

- Amanda Collier was raised as a very fortunate young lady.  She had parents that cared about her, she was popular at school, and she fell in love with someone who was the exact opposite of her.  Amanda fell in love with Dawson Cole.  Dawson didn't want to get involved with Amanda because he feared for her safety.  

Tuck Hostetler:

- Tuck Hostetler was the "father" who Dawson never had.  Tuck loved Dawson in a way that no one has ever loved Dawson before.  21 years after Dawson and Amanda split ways, Tuck's death was the ultimate force which brought the two together again.  


In the summer of 1984, two high school students who were from two different worlds fell in love.  These two were Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier.  Dawson and Amanda, during their senior year, fell in love.  However, falling in love was a hard thing for Dawson to do because of his horrible past and present.  Dawson had never experienced the feeling of loving another person, or having anyone else love him either.  For the past 18 years, Dawson lived in fear of his father's abuse.  Love is the only thing that kept Dawson sane.  When he met Amanda, Dawson worked to protect her from his father.  One day the abuse from his father got too bad and Dawson went to go live in the garage of Tuck Hostetler.  However, one day, Dawson's father took his threatening to a new level, his father threatened to kill Tuck.  After this, Dawson went to kill his father, but something much worse happens.  For this event, Dawson is arrested.  Amanda goes to see Dawson for years, but the pain of seeing his love everyday while he is locked behind bars is too much to bear. Because of this, Dawson refuses to see Amanda anymore, but she still shows up in hopes that her love will talk to her.  After Dawson got released from prison, he takes a job as an oil rig worker.  One night, a fire started on the oil rig, unfortunately because of the fire, and explosion occurs and Dawson is flung off of the rig and was thrown into the ocean where he almost died.  When this occurs Dawson is told that Tuck has passed away.  Tuck included Dawson in the inheritance, but he also included Amanda. Both Amanda and Dawson go to Tuck's house and their old love is brought back to life.  

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is one of the best known romance authors of all time.  In my opinion, his is the best romance writers of my generation.  Nicholas Sparks has a style of writing which gets the reader so involved with the story that when the characters feel pain, the reader begins to imagine that they can feel the pain as well.  Nicholas Sparks has written many different stories, some of which include; The Lucky One, The Notebook, Safe Haven, and The Last Song.  I really enjoy reading novels by Nicholas Sparks because of his incredible style of writing.