by aspen

about my career goals

* i want to go to collage. I want to be a veterinarian. I have always wanted to be a vet because i can help save animals from emergency or just a check up, i love to save animals in need so that's why i want to be a vet. Vet's have to help animals with there problems and sometimes you have to investigate what there problem is.Vet's have to treat and diagnose animals and have to do emergency surgeries.

* the company that i want to work for would be pine view veterinarian hospital Oakland WV , or i would like to work at Mountain view veterinarian services in Keyser WV.

. I will have to go to collage for a year and 7 months.(18 months) i have to have P.h.d and my J.d

*the college that I'm going to attend to get my training and everything i need to become a vet is called the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh PA.

* my challenges that i might face would be not getting in and not making the grades that i want to make.

* i an try my hardest to graduate with a 4.0 grade average and try really hard to impress the college with what i already know.

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