African Trade King

African trade king gained profit and power by trading slaves from Africa across the Atlantic to Europe and America.

Being a trade king was a profitable occupation in Africa. Slavery became an investment which impacted the economy. Slaves were sold to work on tobacco and sugar plantations in America. In exchange for slaves Americans and Europeans would trade items such as weapons, cloth, metals, rum and gunpowder. Rum had a bad impact on the society causing many people to drink uncontrollably which was not good when guns became involved. As the demand for high priced luxury items in Africa and the demand for labor grew in America slave trade began to increase. Slave Trading was a matter of supply and demand with Europeans in need for laborers

Above is a picture of a slave trading outpost called the Great Mosque of Djenn√©. This is significant because it was located on the boarder of Africa's western coast in order to export slaves to Europeans. Also the outposts were used to provide living quarters for slaves before their purchase.  Mostly this temple was built out of the profits of the slave trade and was a gathering place for many citizens.

Most trade kings had to travel to the interior parts of Africa in order to capture slaves to be sold. Trade kings required power over strong and violent armies when capturing the slaves. Some slaves were captured in battle and held prisoners until trade was made between other countries.

Above is an example of what the slave trade kings military forces looked like. Some dressed in head wraps to hide their identities. Also they traveled in groups with many weapons some walking and some on horseback. Receiving high numbers of weapons in exchange for slaves with the Europeans was important to African rulers. Their power increased and they took part in more wars as a reaction to the demand of weapons . Guns became very popular technologies and were in high demand.

The triangular trade route was a three nation journey. Starting with the Europeans traveling to Africa with rum, weapons, materials and gunpowder in exchange for slaves. These slaves where then taken to North America to sell as laborers. Next North America exchanged rum, sugar and crops to Europe. Without one country this process would not work together they became profitable.

Sates began to grow throughout Western Africa the 1600s and 1700s. Well populated kingdom known as the Asante Kingdom is located in today's Ghana. This kingdom demanded power and wealth from gold. As told by Arab writers Ghana has the richest gold minds on Earth. 

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