From son figure to father figure

This is the story of how the creation of new life can bring both positivity and negativity. But this story mainly focuses on the positives of this individual's life. This individual has had many changes in his life before but this was the most significant one that he’s ever experienced. It was a metamorphosis of his role in life, perspective on life and most importantly the choices he would make throughout his life. For privacy reasons our character will be named Joshua.

This is the story of the first birth of Joshua's first son. Describing this moment Joshua says “The birth of my first son was a defining moment of change in his life”. Joshua says that his first son's birth defined who he was a an individual. Joshua's role had just went from being a son himself to being the father to a son of his own. With his role change in life, his perspective on life changed with his role. Joshua had in his eyes went from a kid figure to an adult figure in the world.

The way it impacted his life was slightly negative but mostly positive. Joshua’s son's birth was costly, Joshua lost a lot of sleep, and it brought upon a lot of stress. Joshua would know would have to make decisions not just in terms for himself but in terms of how it would affect someone else in his life. At the time Joshua had very mixed feelings, on one hand feeling of unconditional love and would do anything to take care of his son and on the other hand felt huge burden and stress because of his unconditional love towards his son. Joshua was asked what did he think his life would be like if he didn’t have this experience. Joshua replied by saying he would have more sleep, money, time, and freedom. He would have less stress. Joshua also said “he would be unaware of the beauty a child brings to your life”. He said it would have “limited his understanding about the true nature of humanity.” He wouldn’t know what it’s like giving all those things up for a child and he wouldn’t know the positivity a child brings into your life.


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