A Career as a High School Teacher
Career Goal- High School Teacher

Career Overview

Career Overview

High School teachers teacher and educate the youth. They usually specialize in a certain subject when teaching.

Teachers develop lesson plans to teach subjects, the assign and grade homework they give to their students. High school teachers supervise student activities. They provide advice to students with behavior or academic problems and they try to assist them any way that they can.

A primary goal of a teacher is to help students achieve successs in their subject. They want to improve the students academic life and provide them with the tools they need in order to succeed in life after school.

Career Skills and Interests

Skills that high school teachers need in order to be a good teacher include the following. They need to have communication, reasoning, problem solving, math and science, management of oneself, people, time, along with working with people skills. A teacher needs to also have patience. They have to be interested in helping children(young adults), and they have to be interested in the subject that their teaching or they won't be successful in teaching the subject. They have to be able to check how someone is doing and learning and assess them in a proper way that benefits the student.

Career Working Conditions

High school teachers's typical working place is indoors, their office is typically inside, depending on the subject most their day is spent indoors.

They have a very high level of contact with others, and they might have to work overtime in order to correct assignments. Their work schedule consists of the school day, (school hours). High school teacher's job really consists a lot of contact with others, whether it be with their students or other teachers, the day is mostly full of being in contact with people.  

Career Wages and Outlook

In Minnesota- Salary= $52,460-$57,000 per year.

U.S. mean= $55,120

In Minnesota the outlook for high school teachers is very large there will be approximately 590 openings per year. In the United States the outlook is very large, with a very high openings yearly.

Career Related Occupations

Other related occupations that are close to high school teachers are: Special education teachers, athletic trainers, historians, middle school teachers, school counselors, and elementary school teachers.

Program of Study-High School Teacher

Program Overview

Students learn different types of learning styles and compare and contrast different types. They learn school safety along with health and child psychology. They learn how to teach and how to deal with students. They study their field of study that their going to teacher whether that be psychology, history, math, English, etc...

Program Admission

In order for them to admit you, you must have the following things.

4 years of English, 3 years of math, 3 years of social studies, 2 years of science,  2 years of a second language.

Program Typical Course Work

Typical course work involves curriculum development, educational psychology, methods of teaching, school and society, along with theories of education.

Related Programs

Educational psychology, outdoor education, teacher assisting, special education, education administration.

Schools that offer my program

Minnesota State University- Mankato. Winona State University.

College Choice

Minnesota State University-Mankato

College Info

Plans To Reach Your Goal

There are many things I can do in order to reach my goal. I can take classes in high school to help me prepare for the occupation of teacher. I can also tutor little kids or people that need the help and that would really help me get used to helping people. Tutoring would also help me gain some experience. I could ask a few elementary teachers if they would let me observe them some time and just see how they do things and how it's like in that environment.

Size and Location- MSU, M is located in Mankato, Minnesota and there are about 13,650 undergraduate students that attend MSU, M.

Admission requirements-The dead line is rolling, the tests that are required consist of the GED or ACT/SAT. You must turn in an application to be accepted, and your high school transcript.

College Expenses- In-state tuition- $7,574 Books-$500-$900 Room and Board-b$7,368 Application fee= $20. Estimatede total budget= $15,000

Financial Aid- Deadline- March 15th. Required forms are the FAFSA/SAR. Scholarships available= Creative writing talent grant. Joanne Decker scholarship, Maverick award and much more available.

Housing-Crawford, Mcelroy, Julia, Sears, Preka, Stadium heights.

Activities- Their are many different activities to do. There are many greek life things to get involved in. Athletics such as basketball, football, soccer, hockey etc... You can attend those games and get involved in some of the 200 clubs they have to offer there.

Plans To Reach Your Goal

Some of the things I could do in order to reach my goal are things like take classes that I want to specify teaching in college. Like if I want to teach history, I should take all of the history classes that I can in order to know everything I need to know. Another thing that I could do to help me prepare for my career goal is tutoring. Tutoring would be a good way to help kids learn and it would give me a better feel for how it is to teach, the frustrations, the stress, and the feeling I would get when I help them. Speaking at public events would also help me to prepare because as a teacher you must be able to talk in front of children and if you have problems with that, you won't be successful so speaking in front of a large group of people would benefit me.

Informational Interview

I liked the workplace, there's a lot of nice people there and the students and teachers are respectful. I felt at home, almost as if I had been there for a long time, it just had that kind of feeling for me. I think he was very inteligent and was very cooperating with the questions I asked and he went into depth which really made the interview go well. I learned in the interview things about the workplace and the factors it takes to be a teacher along with the stress that's involved with job. I liked how he said he enjoyed his job and how he explained how he got there along with the advice he gave me. I didn't like some parts of the workplace like that it's all indoors, I like to be outdoors, and all the stress that comes with it. Yes I did uncover some of the advantages and concerns of the job. I was told that I should get to know people and that will help me get a job in the teaching world. I discovered that Elementary teaching, Middle school teaching, special education, and coaching were some interesting or other occupations that were similar that I could explore as well. The work enviroment of his job consisted of being indoors, and constantly being in contact with people, whether it be students or teachers. It's can be hard as he described to keep kids accountable and not to let them rely on the help that you give them. I think that I would be happy in this occupation.

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