Are you a...
Type 1: The Fun-Loving Child

Primary Connection to the World: Social
Primary Movement: Bouncy and Random
Primary Need: to have fun and happy carers

Often described as...

Active, Agreeable, Animated, Amusing, Bouncy, Bubbly, Busy, Charismatic, Cheerful, Cute, Cute as a button, Energetic, Engaging, Friendly, Frolicking, Fun-loving, Funny, Happy, Light-hearted, Like to be the centre of attention, Little actor, Little ray of sunshine, Never sits still, Outgoing, Pixie, Positive, Random, Smiley, Social, Social butterfly, Smiles at everyone, Talkative

Negative labels...

Attention deficit, Daydreamer, Flighty, Hyperactive, Idealist, Irresponsible, Lack of follow through, Messy, Mischievous

Physical Characteristics...

The overall quality of a type 1's physical expression is animated, youthful and cute.

Face shape: Circular or heart shaped - very high rounded forehead that may look even higher than normal in infants before hair grows in.

Skin/skin texture: Clear, fresh, smooth skin, with random freckles or moles - type 1 skin often features a soft golden or rosy glow. Babies can have tendency for rosacea or baby acne.

Cheeks: Circles - what we call apple cheeks. Cheeks look round and dimples will often be found around the smile.

Nose: Turned up, button nose - often small and round. Cute. Little.

Eyes: Sparkly, bright, wide-eyed and often round - their eyes appear to be smiling eyes, which means their whole face smiles with a upward movement. Even the lines on the sides of their eyes move upward when they smile.

Eyebrows: Come to a point right over the eye, or half circle, shorter in length

Lips: Plump lips of fuller bottom lip

Ears: Disconnected ear lobe, pointy at the top of the ear, ears that poke out

Hands: little cherub hands, chubby, very childlike - short, circular nail bed.

Body Language

Crawling: very fast, some prefer to roll

Walking: bounce in their step, looks like a skip, dance or run, light on their feet, their heads up

Sitting: don't sit still, often on the edge of seat, change position often, on floor

Standing: don't stand still, change position, twirl, fidget, bounce

Voice/Language: giggle talker, like to laugh, shriek, squeal, can be loud, goofy words, very expressive and animated

Personal Space: room looks disorganised, visible possessions on display

Tuttle, C. (2012) The Child Whisperer. Live Your Truth Press USA pp. 43-98.