By: Jalynn Gooch in Core 3

First we did breathing techniques and postured up . When we did that we were learning about how to breathe and and sit we also learned how to breathe in 3 counts. The next thing we did was do the two Guided Meditations. In the first meditation we had to think we went to the magic garden where we had to think that we could leave all of our bad problems that we would like to change in the magic garden and take the good problems with us. It was very fun and we all fell asleep that's how good it was. The second meditation was the Guided Meditation for Children where we had to think about this wave and while we thought about the wave was going down our bodies and it was going to put us to sleep and most people did go tot sleep but when some people went to sleep they started snoring.(Jamaul)

Before we stared meditating I felt pretty confident about meditating and I thought it would be very fin because I've heard about people doing it. During the first meditation I felt pretty comfortable by learning how to breathe and posture up it was also very fun and calming. In the second meditation I also felt very relaxed and calmed while we were doing this meditation but then I drifted off to sleep and I didn't even know it . In the end I had to wake up to do the last meditation. While we did the last meditation I wasn't that sleepy anymore because I already had sleep and I felt like I was very num and couldn't hardly feel anything in my body but it was very fun. To be relaxed and to have nothing on my mind also to go to sleep and take very good naps. Yes, I would like to try meditation again and for a longer period of time and it is also so fun that you always fell relaxed and calm and undercontrol.

Meditation means that you are relaxing and forgetting everything in your mind and calming yourself down and focusing on one thing for a long period of time. A mantra is something you say as you breathe out while you are meditating also said to mean concentration most Hindu people use the simple word Aum. To succeed in deep breathing you have to breathe in through your nose slowly and breathe out through your mouth the same way you breathed in through your nose.

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