Othello Act 3, Scene 4


To read 3.4 for literary analysis. To evaluate the scene based on dramatic performance. Follow the steps!


Act iii, Scene 4 Lines 39–115: Othello demands to see the handkerchief, while Desdemona tries to change the subject by pleading Cassio’s case. How might her pleas play into Iago's plan?

Key Vocabulary

1. arraign [uh RAYN] - v. - to accuse of wrong, inadequacy, or imperfection
2. sanctified [SANK tih fiyd] - adj. - set apart to a sacred purpose; free from sin

3.veritable [VER ih tuh bul] - adj. - being in fact the thing named and not false, unreal, or imaginary


You will read Act 3, Scene 4 and then watch the video. After reading the assignment, and watching the scene, I would like you to evaluate the dramatic rendering of Othello in the above clip.

As an alternate, you could use another Act 3, scene 3 clip of Othello found online. Just be sure to state the version.

Write a one paragraph reflection of the video clip of Act 3, Scene 4. Suggestion of things to include:

  • acting abilities,
  • delivery,
  • tone,
  • strengths and weaknesses of the scene, and
  • areas for improvement.
  • You might also discuss how literature is interpreted dramatically.