Save the Elephants! 🐘

Conveniently located in the Ozark mountain foothills in Arkansas is Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary.

The Riddle's Elephant Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that is the only internationally recognized sancuary that accepts all elephants.

🔹 Located on 330 acres in Arkansas

🔹 YOU can adopt an elephant!!!

🔹 Their goal is to allow us to learn the intelligence and way of life of an elephant, but at the same time they want to keep the elephants alive and safe. This sanctuary is also making sure that elephants stay educated and trained.

🔹 This organization is very successful and very convenient for people who are interested in helping out the elephant species survive, but don't want to travel to different countries to help make a difference.

🔹 Visit: to learn more about adopting an elephant and learn how to help.

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