Major language; Spanish
Location: South America
population: 41.45 million
Life Expectancy: 76.6


Three major landforms in  Argentina are the Mesopotamia Region, Gran Chaco Region, and the Pampas Region.

Three major bodies of water in Argentina are 1. Lake Argentino. Lake Argentino boasts the distinction as the largest freshwater lake in the country. 2. Iguazo Falls a water fall that cascades from the Iguazu River is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. 3. Nahuel Huapi National Park contains many different lakes nestled in the forest and the mountains of the north Andean region of Patagonia.


Average annual temperatures in Argentina can range from 75 degrees fahrenheit to 51 degrees fahrenheit. Argentina averages about 37 inches of rain annually. Summer and Spring are most likely the best times to visit Argentina. It is usually about 70 degrees between those times.


The Major Sport in Argentina is Soccer. The Argentina soccer team is very good. They came in second place in the 2014 world cup as they lost to Germany in the championship game.

Some popular foods in Argentina are Dulce de leche, a popular national spread used to fill cakes and pancakes, eaten over toast, and as an ice cream flavor. Most regions of Argentina are known for their beef. In Argentina the Spanish term,"Carne", which means meat, is assumed to be beef in Argentina.

For clothing most people wear modern fashions, especially in urban areas. Clothing that someone finds in Europe or North America is readily available in Argentine cities. Traditional costumes representing a region's heritage may be worn on special occasions or holidays but not on a daily basis. Older people seem to wear more conservative styles and colors.

Argentina music is known for the Tango. Which developed in Buenos Aires and surrounding areas. Folk, Pop, and classical music are also popular in Argentina.

In Argentina they celebrate pretty much the same holidays as us. They celebrate Christmas by opening presents from Papa Noel (Santa) just the same as us. New Years Day is  marked with fireworks. Other widely observed holidays include Good Friday,Easter, Labor Day  and Veterans Day.

Interesting Facts

Unusual Laws in Argentina are An Argentina ordinance demands that disk jockeys play as many tango records as all other types of music combined.It is illegal for any man to marry his brother. Feather beds are illegal.

In Argentina Porteños are usually fashionably late for all social events,don't be offended if someone keeps you waiting over half an hour for a lunch or dinner date. However, tardiness is frowned upon in the business world.

Argentina Ministry of Health estimated that in 2001, 30 percent of the infant population did not have access to vaccinations. The deterioration of preventative health care on top of weakened national and provincial basic health programs is expected to lead to increased morbidity and mortality among the population—drastically escalating epidemiological risks.

The flag of Argentina was created by Manuel Bregano. The full flag featuring the sun is called the Official Ceremonial Flag

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