Discovery Mission STS-41-D

Shuttle: Discovery

Mission: STS-41-D (Manned)

Mission Purpose: Satellite Deployment in orbit; scientific experiment

Technology and equipment: 3 satellites TELSTAR, SYNCOM IV-2 (otherwise known as LEASAT2), and System SBS-D, an IMAX camera, Shuttle Student Involvement Program(SSIV) & space suits!

Crew: Henry W. Hartsfield, Jr., Pilot Michael L. Coats, Mission Specialists Judith A. Resnick, Steven A. Hawley, Richard M. Mullane and Payload Specialist Charles D. Walker

The mission started on August 30th, 1984, & ended on September 5, 1984.

The STS-41-D Crew
Discovery Mission patch

Written by: Brandon Muñoz, Michael Mathis, Preston Nguyen

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