Museum Exhibit:
Doubly Wise Man
Homo Sapiens Sapiens
By:Caitlin Ginchereau

Some facts about the Doubly Wise Man and what they looked like are that are that they have small teeth. They had slender bones. Also rounded skulls. And finally large brains

Some of their tools were a spear thrower, bow and arrow, hooks, spears, they also attached blades to bones. Here are some of the tools that they had used. They survived longer because of their tools.

Most scientists believe that they originated in Africa. From there, they spread to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Eventually, they migrated to North and South America.

Three reasons why they made cave painting was because they used them to teach their children, also to express themselves, and also for religious purposes.

There were only about two records left behind from the homo sapiens sapiens there were cave paintings and bonesv

They lived for about 150,000 years ago.

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