What is endurance?

An leader with endurance is someone who will motivate their followers. The leader teaches them the value of never giving up and not to quit.

Bill Belichick is the New England Patriot's head coach and motivates the team. By saying the term "do your job" he is saying that on the field they're given one job to do and that they have to complete it.

A general in the military's job is to keep everyone going. The power and determination, the give their fellow troops the drive to get the job done, and to keep going.

Tom Brady is not only a leader for the New England Patriots, but he is also one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Being a veteran since 2001 to the team and being the star player, his teammates look up to him. When they aren't playing their best, Brady using his captain leadership skills, he motivates the team to not give up. In the 2015 Superbowl, he proved that with their comeback, and won the game.