Character Dilemma in Disney's Pinocchio

Geppetto wishes for a son of his own.

Pinocchio is brought to life by a fairy. She tells Pinocchio he must be a good boy and not lie in order to become a real boy, if he does lie his nose will grow and keep from becoming a real boy.

The fairy provides Pinocchio with a companion, Jiminy Cricket, that will teach Pinocchio right from wrong.  

Geppetto sends Pinocchio to school and on the way he meets a sly fox that convinces Pinocchio to visit Pleasure Island and have fun like all boys should.

Arriving at Pleasure Island, all the boys are excited to begin their splurge of sins.

But of course, there was always a hidden agenda!

Pinocchio and the other boys indulge in Pleasure Island only to be lead to their demise.

Using your graphic organizer, infer 3 dilemma's that Pinocchio might be dealing with. Also, how should he deal with them?

Where'd all the donkeys come from?

Extra Credit

Please respond in the comment stream based on the following prompt:

What lessons might Pinocchio learn? How might he change based on these experiences?