Candid Photos That Sum Up What Fatherhood Looks Like

Sometimes parenthood means being one of the team. Team could be you, mom and kiddo but fun begins when kids become more then one. Parenthood could be both blessing and a total disaster. Like when you bring home a new toy for the kids, but it comes in 12,686 pieces.

Football Sunday

First steps in gaming

Daddy's spa day

Three musketeers on dinner

Dad and daughter beauty therapy

Karaoke time at home

Bring your daughter to work everyday.

Parenting is a workout!

First day at school

My first adult party! :)

But first let me take a selfie!

Tea party with daddy

Christmas morning

When your birthday becomes 'their' birthday"

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2 years ago

These are awesome! I am so happy that I have a husband like these fathers pictured above. It takes a real man to be an active father! @kyle