Alfred Wegener.

German polar researcher and geophysicist and meteorologist.

Convergent- Coming closer together.

Divergent-Tending to be different.

Transform doundaries-a strike-slip fault that offsets a mid-ocean ridge in opposingdirections on either side of an axis of seafloor spreading.


Juan De Fuca plate is the plate just off of the coast of Washington.

This plate has helped form the Cascade mountain range and the plate goes underneath (subduction)North American plate. This causes the mantle of the earth to melt so that's why there is magma. The Cascades are part of the Ring of Fire.

Rift zone- is a feature of some volcanoes, especially shield volcanoes, in which a linear series of fissures in the volcanic edifice allows lava to be erupted from the volcano's flank instead of from its summit.

Subduction zone- is the biggest smash-up on Earth, marking the collision between two of the planet's tectonic plates, the pieces of crust that slowly move across the surface over millions of years. When two tectonic plates meet, one may slide underneath the other, curving down into the mantle.

The Channeled scab lands were formed by the Missoula Floods. The Channeled scab lands are a barren. Relatively no soil. The Channeled scab lands are located in Eastern Washington.