Stock Broker

Kaitlyn Gann

Career Decription

A stock broker is someone who buys and sells securities on a stock exchange on behalf of clients. Usually a stock broker will call people trying to get companies or even average people to invest money in something whether it's another company or product. All companies they try getting you to invest in may not all be good like they try making you believe. If investing in a stock you want to be smart and invest in something that'll last along time. Not every stock will benefit you, some may be trash companies that they sell to you just to get money from you.

Required Skills

- Thrive in stressful environment

- Being able to adapt and be focused

- Must be able to act and think quickly

- Examining information very closely

- Being able to talk to people easily

Educational Requirments

- Minimum credential is a Bachelors degree in finance/business

- May need to obtain several licenses

Salary Expectations

Nationwide: 87,742

Low 25%: 57,900

Median wage: 75,650

Top 25% : 101,120

Top 10% : 145,580

Future Outlook

Earning this degree may be easy for some, but keeping the job of being a stock broker may be difficult. Many stock brokers will get laided off or find it hard to work in this type of environment.


I think if you are interested in this job and enjoy persuading people to buy things then this will not feel like a job to you. You'll be doing something you love without feeling you have to work a day in your life. Once having experience with this career experts will be able to identify the factors that could shape the future of the economy and able to give advice on how to take advantage of any situation.

Similar Careers

Going into the field of finance and business there could be endless amount of similar jobs. Once earning this degree you could do anything in the business world; for example being a stock broker or trader, or any type of job requiring sales, analyst or even a portfolio manger.

Why this career ?

If you love a high-pased environment and love to be dealing with money, charts and persuading then this job like I do , then this is the one for you. This can be a long term career, or even a short one. The degree you'll be earning to do this job can get you more than just being a stock broker or trader. If you decide to go a different way the degree you have will not limit you. Which is why I would love this job.

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