Cherry Trees

By Maykayla Wiseman and Ellie Severance

Reproduction Parts

The reproduction parts of the cherry flower are the anther, filament, and stamen.

How do the reproductive parts develop?

The seeds or small trees should be planted in early spring. They need lots of sun and water. It takes about 5-8 years before it will be mature and produce the seeds.(cherries)

Complete or Incomplete?

Cherry trees are incomplete because they are either a male or female tree and need each other to cross pollinate. So remember that next time you plant a fruit tree that if you just plant one it will not make any fruit!

Environmental Requirements Needed to Successfully Roproduce

When planted they should be placed about 25-30 feet apart and need a lot of sunlight. Younger plants need more protection from wild animals and too much sun. The three most common reasons why they don't make cherries is over fertilized, too much frost, and not enough pollinators.

Number of Chromosomes

46 chromosomes

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