The campaign proposal and results...

The start of the campaign was set with direct mail. DDB Stockholm has researched and sent the most popular bloggers, Berlin-Lovers and travel-journalist. They have sent them a mail containing a letter, legal name-change form and an envelope. It all came down to the idea of changing your name to Klaus-Heidi in order to win the prize of yearlong rent free apartment in central Berlin, bicycle and free food vouchers for the Kaiser food chain.  

The campaign was only available in Sweden, since Lufthansa saw an opportunity to stand out in the competitive market there and generate some sales, while engaging people and personalizing their experience with the airline.

As a result, 42 Swedes applied and successfully changed their name to Klaus-Heidi! The winner was only one, of course, but all the Klaus-Heidi's were not left empty-handed. The 41 remaining participants received a VIP Lufthansa Silver card worth 60 000 miles of flights, which to be fair, is a generous reward on its own.

The mayor of Berlin gave the reward to Klaus-Heidi Andersson, the winner. The mayor himself is named Klaus, which is claimed to be coincidence.