Pedigree Project

By:Noah Shrock

This is my Pedigree Project

My five pedigrees are Hitch Hiker Thumb, Widow's Peak, Eye Color, Tongue Rolling, and Hair Type

Tongue Rolling:

As you can see most of my family is able to roll there tongue. The genotypes for this is Rr making almost everyone the genotype. As long as one side keeps marrying people that are able to roll there tongue it will stay the same.

Eye Color:

The more dominant eye color for my family is brown. The genotypes for the eye color is brown which all of them but two are. As long as the left side of my pedigree keeps marrying people brown eyes is likely to stay the same.

Hitch Hiker's Thumb:

Everyone in my family has hitchhiker's thumb.Everyone holds the recessive gene for it. The genotypes for everyone is tt. As long as everyone keeps marrying people with the trait tt it should stay the same.

Hair Type:

As you can see, there is an assortment of different hair types in my family. The most dominant being wavy mostly is females. The most dominant genotype is Ss and all of the new offspring will probably vary.

Widow's Peak:

Most people in my family hold the trait of the widow's peak. Some of my family members cover it up better than others because it is not as dominant as others. When the rest of my family get's married the results should vary


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