To Kill a Mocking Bird
"Growing Up"

Scout is the main character in To Kill a Mockingbird, she's a tomboy and she solves her problems more with her fists than her mouth.

Chapter 1:Scout and her brother Jem, moves to Maybomb. Scout becomes friends with Dill. Scout meets Mr. Radley and connects with Boo. Scout, Jem and Dill accept the town legend about Boo.

Chapter 2:Scout starts her first year of school. She hates her first day.

Chapter 3:Scout beats up Walter because of helping him and she ends up getting in trouble. Scout's first exposure to Atticus belief in trying to understand and respect other people's point of view. Which shows how shes starting to understand life at a young age.

Chapter 4: Scout and Jem are caught playing around Mr.Radley house.

Chapter 5: Scout questions about why Boo doesn't go outside. She spends more of her time with Miss Maudie Atkinson. Scout tries to communicate with boo.

Chapter 6: Scout,Jem and Dill sneaks behind Mr.Radley house. They all lie to protect themselves from their punishment.

Chapter 7: scout second grade is worst than first grade. She learns that when boo Radley was leaving the gifts, he was showing communication.

Chapter 8: Scout sees that boo is not really bad.

During chapter 9 & 10 . Scout begins to see prejudice that is part of Maycomb as the kindness they've long known. Scout tries to avoid fighting and keeps her head up from negatively. She's learns the affect of Tom Robinson case.

Scout's father tells her not to kill a mockingbird because its a sin.

"Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy... but sings their heart out for us. That's why it's sin to kill a mockingbird." -Miss Maudie (lee pg. 119)

  • Chapter 12-13 Scout goes to a "colored" church and she learns to try to put herself in someone's else shoes before judging them.
  • Chapter 14-15 Scout is getting tired of Jem urging her about trying to be more a girl. She realizes that her brother is more a traitor .

Scouts learns 4 lessons throughout the Book:

  • Put yourself in other people's shoes. ( shes getting it wrong)
  • Don't kill mockingbirds
  • Keep fighing even if you know you'll loose
  • The world is very unfair

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