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Finding funding to build a school can be tedious. There are laws about where the money can come from and what it is to be used for. Adding to this complexity is applying for grants. Certain criteria must be met in order to receive the funding. Some of these criteria include having a building plan and having some funding from the community prior to being granted funding. To help many districts deal with this intricacy, a website entitled, “California Public School Construction - Joint Agency Information Page” has been created and made available to the public. There are many considerations when planning to finance a building, but many resources have been made available to help make this process easier.

Article 38A begins by stating that the Public School Building Capital Fund has been created and that it will be used to help county governments with their public school capital needs. It also states that the fund shall be administered by the Department of Public Instruction. Later in the article, it goes on explaining how the fund may be used, any allocations from the fund, expenditures, reversions, and any requirements that must be met. Some of the areas that this fund can be used for are the planning, construction, reconstruction, enlargement, improvement, repair, or renovation of public school buildings.

Finding finances for the construction and upkeep of a school is tedious. Seeing that other districts could use some help, California designed a website to help schools navigate the process of the funding wonderland. The website provides some very important tips to help with how to organize where money needs to go once it is allocated to a school. The website is easily navigated- and arranged in such a way that is easy to understand.

Approval for funding has to be done before the building can start. However, the building of a new school starts much before that. A plan for a building must be submitted, complete with blueprints, proposed budgets, energy efficiency programs, and so on. All of the details must be worked out. Location, floor planning, materials, budget, architecture and hiring an architect, and hiring a contractor to build the building are also very important aspects of building a school. All in all, the process is very complicated and completely dependent upon the school system as well as the federal government. Building codes and regulations must also be taken into account when planning for a building. All of this must be done prior to building approval and the receiving of funds. It’s like a business proposal- all the quirks must be worked out before it is approved. This mainly affects the funding. State and local governments appropriate money to build schools, but not all of the costs are covered. Sometimes a community must raise a certain amount of money before the project can be government funded.

The district has a ten year plan with projects to be started at when the requirements are met and ended at the end of the ten years with an allotted budget. Something is going to be happening at each school on each year of the plan. Early College is scheduled for year three, which is next year, but a plan for the actual building has not been made according to this document. Either a modular building or a brick and mortar building are in the running for the types of building we could get.

The kinds of grants, federal help, and district help must be explored when deciding when, where and how to build a school. Some grants require that a school raise money within the community before receiving the grant. However, with the many online resources available, navigating this process is a bit easier. With the help of resources such as planning websites, all considerations can be explored when in the process of trying to finance building a school.

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