Milk and me... enemies forever!

I would like to share my experience about lactose intolerance. I remember have been ill for a few days with severe diarrhoea and abdominal pain, and was losing weight. I eventually went to see my doctor. Because the right side of my abdomen was tender, she thought it was appendicitis. Within minutes an ambulance had arrived and I was whisked to hospital. There, after a number of tests I was put on to a drip to counter my dehydration, and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, so I spent one week eating only rice and vegetables.

I remember that I always ate a lot of dairy foods. I used eating yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, take milk in my tea and coffee and eat cheese every day, but when the problem started, immediately I felt things weren’t quite right. I began to feel bloated and my tummy was rumbling badly. I had mild diarrhoea, and was concerned my gastroenteritis hadn’t properly cleared up, so went back to my doctor.

Finally, my doctor told me that I have lactose intolerance, and that I should avoid all milk products.

Over time I have learned to accept my condition and I have been looking for information about the subject. There are facts that say that we are the only beings that we drink milk after infancy and from animals that are not of our own species. At present, I've gotten used to not eat products that are elaborated with milk and really think my body does not need them as I have searched, because I found the same properties in the vegetables.

by Patricio