Family Gripes / Changes

The relationship with my family is wonderful. I have two sister and one brother. Theirs names are Karla, Judith and Jhonatan. I`m the big sister.

Judith is Little sister. She is outgoing and friendly. When we were kids, my mon used to give us toys, but now she gives us money for our purchases. Only when is neccesary. When I was a younger, i didn`t use to like playing with my sister`s. But now that we`re adults, we talk on the pone every day.

Karla is a very responsability and beautiful person, She help me to take care of my son. When she were a teenager. She used to spend all her time with old friends. But these days, she spend most of her time with my family.

Jhonatan. When he were a child. He used to be a shy boy, but now he has very communication with me, we are very friends. Actually, he studies business manager in the PUCP,

My parents are hard working and loving persons, When we were a kids. My parents used to scold us and control behavior, but now they have an expectation on their children. I`m very happy to have wonderful parents

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