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A New Adventure Awaits

A New Adventure Awaits

Hello everyone! We are starting our new semester this week so we have decided to try a new blog. We have had a lot of fun and now we're ready for new fun. At the end of the semester both of my babies had all A's and 1 B. I am very proud of them. On this venture I have seen imaginations open up and both of them becoming a little braver so to speak. I thank God for this opportunity because starting this week, I will begin teaching 5 new flute students! Yeah! God has opened doors and I'm stepping in! Have a blessed week and I promise to keep you more updated! Thanks for all your prayers!

These are pictures from things that have happened since homeschooling. Isaiah is part of the Joyful Noise Homeschool Choir and they sang at NHC and at the mall. I'm glad that Jennifer Henry has taken time to teach these children the love of singing. As you see Michaela had to show her brother that she loves him!

1/6/14 Today we started back in the groove of things. Well at co-op anyway! I started with 3 of my students and we had a blast. The kids found their classes and next Monday they will start that all on their own. Here we come Science and Geography! Have a blessed night and stay warm.

1/10/14 Well, we began a new week and boy was it a week. The fun of homeschooling is being able to have school no matter where you are. We had to uproot for 2 days but, we still got it done. Wasn't what we planned but, we made it happen. Today is the end of our week and we will begin a new one on Monday. Have a blessed day and God Bless!

1/13/14 Well, despite our week last week we are beginning a new week. Co-op is in full swing and we will get back to the grind. We started a new English program last week and they seem to enjoy it much better. Now, it's bragging time. To end the semester both children had all A's and 1 B. I am very proud of them and they have endured the adjustment and continued to improve. Take care and God Bless! Have a great day!

1/14/14: Today was a very good day. NO FUSSING!!!! Whew hoo! I can handle days like that more often. I have really enjoyed homeschooling even though it sounds like I haven't. Seeing them progress is wonderful! Gotta put grades in for the day. Take care and God Bless!

1/16/14 We have had a busy week so far. I thought homeschooling wouldn't be as busy but boy was I wrong! LOL! It's fun though! The kids are reading books trying to earn free tickets to the circus! Who knew that would be such an incentive? If they can get 5 books read in a week they get tickets. Isaiah has completed his so he's excited! We're still working on Michaela's. Hope you all have a blessed day and a safe weekend! God Bless!

We're 100 Days Smarter!

1/23/14 Well, today makes the 100th day of homeschooling. Wow time has flown by. The kids are 100 days smarter than when we started. I will post a picture later of the 100th day project that we do. Take care and have a blessed day! We glued 100 pennies to a poster board. They had to split them into 10 groups of 10 then each got 5 groups to glue on their side of the board. Pretty fun if you ask me. Now to continue on with the rest of the year!

Snow Days!

1/31/14 Yes, we enjoyed the snow days as well. We still had school but got the rewards after class was done. We were on a field trip on Tuesday when the snow started. I knew when it started we were done. But, we managed to have school these past few days anyway! Gotta love homeschooling! Pictures soon to follow!

2/6/14: Well another month has begun and we are still trucking along. We can see light at the end of a tunnel because we are almost finished with the math book. We can start the new book after we are finished with this one. Going to change the spelling a little bit to work on Spelling Bee Words. (They don't know that yet!) LOL! Hope everyone is having a blessed day and God Bless. We'll see you again soon!

Well, we have another weather day in the forecast but, for us we are schooling! It's been a great week and the kids received Science grades and they both got 100's on their tests. How exciting is that? They took Geography tests today and we will receive grades for that later. That being said below are their school pictures for the Cheaha Yearbook.....Cute huh?

2/24/14: We are trucking right along with homeschooling. We are about to finish our math book and move on to the next book. The kids are doing well in Geography. They both made A's on their tests. Their confidence is beginning to build back up and I'm grateful to see that. Now, Michaela has said she wants to learn archery! WOW! She also wants to learn: Karate, flute, violin and whatever else she can learn. Not sure if it's all feasible but, we'll see! Have a blessed day!

3/4/14: Starting a 30 day AB challenge with the kiddos today. We will see how this plays out. Gotta get ready for Spring! Hope you all have a blessed day today. We are beginning to work on our Science Fair projects. I will post pictures when we complete them! See ya later!

Well, today is also report card day! (The kids didn't know that either). I am very proud of my children because they are grasping concepts that needed to be addressed and progessing even with a couple of boo-boos. Both children ended up with all A's on their report cards. And yes, we cover all 7 subjects! (Reading, Math, Spelling, Science, History, Language Arts and Handwriting.) WOW! Gotta love these younguns!

3/31/14:  Well, today was the Science Fair.  They both did science projects and their teachers gave them excellent grades.  They didn't place but, I'm proud of them regardless of that.  They participated and that's what matters to me.  (The science grade is important to most people).  Here are pictures of the projects!  LOVE THEM!!!!!

Year #2 Underway

7/28/2014:  Well, today we began our 2nd year at this homeschooling thing.  We are in 4th grade and 6th grade.  We will see what the year holds for us but, we are excited again.  God Bless you all and we'll see you soon!

8/18/14:  Co-op began today.  I have one ready for cooking and one ready for

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