Element Survivor -- Carbon (C)

By: Erin Hayes

Its been here since prehistoric times...ITS PRIME!!!

Common Uses

Carbon is used for many different purposes. A few of the most important/common are...

  • Diamonds
  • Coal
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Dry Ice
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Graphite
  • etc.

          You may ask why all these things are important. Well, Diamonds can be used in trade to buy something like, food and shelter. Coal can be used to keep you warm at night or to cook raw meat/food. A fire extinguisher can be used to put out any unwanted fires. One very important one is dry ice. This can be used to keep dry foods from spoiling, it could also keep your fish/animal from spoiling, It can be used for medical purposes, increase in plant growth, and it can be used to keep the mosquitoes away from you or your animals. Fizzy drinks could be a source of hydration and graphite can be used in pencils to record your findings on a deserted island.

Sales Pitch

          TAKE CARBON!!! There are so many uses for carbon you will be amazed! It is helpful in almost any circumstance and can help you out with almost any chore. Take carbon and you are taking a lifetime full of opportunities. Take carbon and you'll know everything you need is at your fingertips. You will have something to preserve your food, keep you warm, and keep you safe. Take carbon and you won't regret it!

(Ranks out of 5)


Biological Need --- I gave biological need one star because if you were on a freezing island, you would need some way of keeping yourself warm (make fire with COAL).

Social Need --- I gave social need three stars because this is one of the most important skills to surviving and if you can make friends with someone/something on the island by trading something valuable (such as DIAMONDS) you could have a colleague that may help you in the future.

Functional Need --- I gave functional need three stars because you can use DRY ICE everyday to preserve your food. You may also use COAL everyday to cook your food. One other thing you need to do is to record your findings on this unknown island with a GRAPHITE pencil, so that if/when you return home you can tell everyone of your adventure.

Defensive Need --- I gave defensive need two stars because there are multiple things made out of carbon that can help you to survive predators or unwanted beings. Such as, DRY ICE to make smoke to scare away your enemy, hurt them, or confuse/blind them with smoke so you have enough time to get away. Another thing to use as defense may be COAL. With this you can light a fire and burn your enemy or scare them away.


          Carbon is a chemical element with an atomic number of 6 and it is located in period 2, group 14 of the periodic table. Carbons melting point is 3823 K and its boiling point is 4300 K. It has a total of 4 valence electrons in its outermost shell (2nd). Carbon's atomic mass is 12.011. Some physical properties of carbon are that it can be soft, dull gray, black, clear, can scratch with your fingernail, and that it will sink in water. Some of its chemical properties are that it burns to form gaseous carbon and combustion may occur in certain circumstances. The last property that you should know is that it is categorized as non-metallic on the periodic table of elements.

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