Principals' Toolkit for Elementary


Dear Elementary Campus Administration,

The following information should help guide you through the successful implementation and communication of the Latitude 2 Learn initiative on your campus.

Staff Orientation

A great way to ease fear, doubt or the unknown among staff is to use this "First Impressions" video during your faculty meeting. It is not scripted and reflects the thoughts of one of the first teachers to utilize a 1:1 approach in the classroom. You can also view this video on Smug Mug.

Another great video to share with staff is seeing the L2L program at work as well as a strong message from Dr. Greg Smith. WARNING: This is the same video that is in the parent orientation. If you are planning to share the parent orientation presentation with faculty, the following video is already included.

Parent Nights

If you are planning a parent night, there is a presentation ready for your use. The following resources are now available:

* A ready-made power point presentation with talking points can be located on the N Drive under Communications/Latitude2Learn/Elementary. The presentation has a video already embedded in it. You will need to copy the folder to your presentation desktop to use. The power point also has talking points for you in the notes section.

* A call out script and email template is also located in the N Drive to let them know about your parent orientation.

* If you do not have an in-person orientation, you can send the following newsletter to your families via email.

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This is an exciting and busy time for all of us as we prepare for a successful launch of Latitude 2 Learn. This will be a collective success at all levels of the District. In preparation for your deployment, we would like to give you some important reminders.

Important Reminders

  • Elementary students do not take devices home
  • No acknowledgement forms or insurance needed
  • The Microsoft account is generic due to age restrictions
  • Technology will bring cards with the Microsoft username and password for students to use
  • Students will only be able to email within CCISD accounts
  • Students cannot purchase apps, but do have the ability to download them from Microsoft store so teachers should use classroom management to make sure apps are appropriate
  • Three charging stations per 5th grade room
  • Training must be in the morning; please let Kim Boutwell know your exact time
  • Three Learning Technology Coaches and 4 Technicians will be present for deployment.
  • Teachers lead the training
  • SD & AA students can get their tablets early if needed but all set-up should be completed by the teacher to allow the student to focus on functionality. See LTC for support
  • Absent students will be trained by teacher/LTC
  • Campuses deploying on Sept. 24th will have deployment for GT students on Sept. 30th.

Checklist Before Deployment

  • All training rooms are equipped with a projector and the ability to play video.
  • Develop a campus plan to find absent students to receive training.
  • Make sure additional staff have been trained in the event of teacher absences.

Student Training

Elementary Deployment Videos

  1. Latitude 10 Exterior Tablet Overview
  2. Elementary Video 2 Set Up
  3. Elementary Video 3 Tablet Personalization Student
  4. Digital Citizenship

District Network Location of Videos and Scripts: N:\Technology\Tablet Videos\Elementary

Materials Needed:

  • Computer with working sound
  • Projector

Teacher Training Checklist

Before Deployment:

  1. Be sure students know their student id and pin number.
  2. Confirm videos will play on the computer, projector and sound is working.
  3. Review training videos/script and note the pauses in the video.
  4. Contact your campus LTC with any questions about deployment.

During Deployment:

  1. Use the training scripts provided in the N:\Technology\Tablet Videos\Elementary
  2. Have tablet account information cards