K-12 Mobile Learning Apps

Today's Meet

  • What is this? Today's Meet is a an example of a student response system. It allows students to answer questions and start discussions in an online classroom using their personal, mobile devices. The teacher can choose how long the discussion is available to be viewed. The discussion is private and only accessible to students with the correct link.
  • How can it be used? Today's Meet can be used by teachers to answer questions as well as see results of student feedback. The results will let students and teachers know where additional study and review is needed. For example, an Biology teacher could use it to review important facts and see where students are still struggling.

Voice Thread

  • What is this? Voice Thread is an interactive collaboration tool. Users can post images, drawings, and videos to their voice thread and other users can add voice, text, audio file, or video comments.
  • How can it be used? Voice Thread can be used by teachers to introduce a concept and students can then comment on this concept in a number of ways. Students can also use voice thread as a tool to present information they know. For example, a Social teacher can post a Voice Thread about a prime minister and the students can ask questions or offer insight through text or an audio file.

Mad Math

  • What is it? Mad Math Lite is an app that quizzes the user in basic math functions using flash cards.
  • How can it be used? This could be used by students who are struggling with math because it would allow them to practice at anytime and anywhere. The user is able to choose how large the number is, what type of math operations to use, as well as if the number is whole or decimal. For example, a grade 2 student could use this app to practice addition and subtraction.

Reading Bear

  • What is this? Reading Bear is a website and free app that is designed to help children learn to read. It is an easy way to learn complex phonics principles. Reading Bear can be used for an entire class or individually.
  • How can it be used? Reading Bear can be used as part of a larger set of tools to help kids learn how to read. Students can move through the content step-by-step at their own pace. It is also a great tool for ESL learners who are learning to read in English. For example, a student who is having trouble reading can use the app to read aloud to them while they learn.

Journal Jar

  • What is this? Journal Jar is a website and free app that is designed to give students a topic to write about. By clicking on the "shake" button a new topic is given. This is a great app for students that have a hard time making a decision on what they should write about or students that have no idea of what to write about.
  • How can it be used? Journal Jar can be used in Language Arts class to encourage creative writing from students. By writing on a topic they have not chosen students will have to expand their minds and become more creative. Students can use these topics to help with a journal entry or to write a story. For example, an English teacher could ask the class to write a short story based on a topic they've found from the Journal Jar app.

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