Elijah Ruiz
Day 1

Today i made a model of my house with legos. I made it because it seemed like a logical thing to make. I made this model alone. I'm guessing it took about 20 minutes or so. First, I got the picture of my house in my head. then I began building the base, and from there i made the rest of the model up to the roof. at the roof  i took pointy legos and put them together to make the roof. my favorite part was the finished result.

Day 2

Today we imported chess pieces from thingiverse.com and we edited them with things from it also. We also started with tacck.com and made a name tag, and a couple other things. we edited them with tinkercad.com. I edited a pawn by putting a top hat on it and changing the color to blue.

Day 3

Today i made fort Mc.Henry. It was fun because we were making something from real life and we got to make it on our own without instructions telling us what to do. I chose fort Mc.Henry because i had a good image of it in my mind right away and also because I've been there before.It was hard for me at first, but then i got the hang of it. So it was a good day that helped us learn.

Day 4

today i edited my chess piece. I made it smaller because it was a pawn and was bigger than then king. After that i had some contests with Peter like making ice cream cones. Finally we got into groups and made amusement parks. I made a talk show stage and started a ferris wheel it was a fun day.

Day 6

  • Today we swapped projects with a partner to get more ideas and plan our independent projects. I used clay to model Candice's bear. I gave her suggestions to build her animals so that it uses the least amount of support. Later I made a soccer goal on tinkercad. It was pretty cool, but it took awhile. After that we learned about drawing a human to make it look realistic. It was cool.

Day 7

Today i made my mini sport series.I made a soccer net and ball, hockey net, stick, and puck, and finally i made a football goalpost and football. It took a lot of work because I did it all from scratch ^^. I also did a lot of editing  to make it look and print  better. i personally I think I was successful.

Day 8

Today I finished my mini sport series. I did a lot of editing as well. I had to make them larger because they printed very small, but now I think they will turn out well. After that I made a card holder that was the measurement of two decks. My stuff is currently printing. It was a successful day.

Day 9

Today I made a statue of the tokens from magic the gathering in tribute of Izzo. after that we made our own super heroes. I made Douglas the hero. After that I worked on my robot. Finally I made a building in minecraft on Dylan's world.