Elijah Welch:
Three aspects of Mesopotamia That Proves That They were advanced

Map of "Ancient Mesopotamia"
They are smarter than you think.


The first aspect of Ancient Mesopotamia that proves they were intelligent is Irrigation. Irrigation allowed them to use water at their will. They built canals to allow water to flow to crops and built banks around the rivers that they lived by, so there would be no flooding. Canals are ditches that water flows into from the rivers around them, so that water reaches to their crops easily.

Their religion impacted on how they lived dramatically.


The second aspect of Ancient Mesopotamia that proves they were advanced was their religion. Their religion consisted of seven gods and goddesses. People in Ancient Mesopotamia would obey anything that their gods and goddesses would do; which then lead to Hammurabi's Code.

Hammurabi's Code was embedded into stone.

Hammurabi's Code

Hammurabi's Code was set of 282 laws. It is said that the king received these laws from there gods. Since people back then thought that it is true they would follow those laws, so they would not upset their gods and goddesses.