Eli Mirzoeff

Lifelong Precious Gem Trader and Entrepreneur

About Eli Mirzoeff

As founder and head of East Continental Gems in New York City, Eli Mirzoeff brings a lifetime of experience in the precious gem and jewelry trade to his position, along with an outstanding record of client satisfaction. At East Continental Gems for more than four decades, Eli Mirzoeff oversees a small, service-oriented jeweler and precious stone purveyor notable for its relationships to major industry retailers across the globe. Producing one-of-a-kind jewelry that features the highest-quality diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other gems, East Continental Gems’ creations can be found at top department stores and boutiques in New York, London, Paris, and elsewhere.

Aside from his responsibilities at East Continental Gems, Eli Mirzoeff enjoys spending time with his family and plays an active role in philanthropy, donating to educational, religious, and other organizations that help individuals and families in need. A third-generation gem and jewelry trader, Mr. Mirzoeff began his career while a teenager growing up in Mumbai, India, where he learned under the tutelage of his father.

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