Eliot Pearson

Day 1

Today I  played ice breaker games with the whole camp. It was awesome. Also I worked with a finchbot. I had fun with the simple, easy to learn code. My partner was Julianna and we were able to get the robot to make it through the obstacle course. :)

Day 2

Today we worked with squishy circuits, snap circuits, and the arduinos. I had fun today and want to learn more about this and I like this activity so far. This was a great experience. Now I can make these things on my own.

Day 3

Today I learned some awesome arduino coding. Now I can make code myself. Also I played a game with the makey makey. It was so fun, and I played it for so many minutes, also I know how to solder. We did some soldering and made LED pins. Today was great.

Day 4

Today we worked on making a bubble machine. It did not work as we thought, the fan was sucking in the bubbles. But we learned about that from our unfortunate experience with this project. My job was the coder and I had to type alot of code and tinkering with the code. But it was not all a bust, I still had fun.  

Day 5

Today I made a wearable. I had a bit mishabs with it but it still worked out. I had fun and put lights on my shirt. I cant wait to start on our projects it will be so cool. Also the shirt is awesome.

Day 6

Today we played with makey makeys.  We made game controllers with it. And I also made an eye catcher, But It didn't work. It was suppose to spin with LEDs and look cool.  I still had fun, I can't wait for individual projects. It will the best day of the week. So I cant wait until I get to circuit bend.

Day 7

Today I tried to make a circuit bent keyboard. We learned a lot about it and the videos we watched about circuit bending were pretty cool. I only got one kind of sound though, I am still trying though. Today was mainly working on indiviual projects and trying to finish them in a major  time crunch, with only one day left.

Day 8

Today we worked more on our projects. I took a short break from circuit bending and lit up my hoodie, now I have a tron hoodie. I really had fun today and can't wait, tomorrow I am going back to help out with circuit bending and make some noise. So fun, yeah I can wait to start on the showcase! Woo Hoo!