K-12 mLearning Options

myHomework Student Planner

    - A free app that allows students to track classes, homework, tests, & assignments. It is accessible through all platforms and through the website. It is designed to support all time, block, & period-based schedules. Teachers can also create a Teachers.io class where students can join and automatically download their class information, assignment, files, & announcement.

    - This app can be used to help students stay organized with all of their classes. It is also a useful way for teachers to remind students of due dates for projects or tests. This app can be used for those students taking family vacations during the school year or those who are absent to help the students stay informed and on track while he/she is not present.

Super Note: Recorder, Notes, Memos

    - This free app allows students to type, record, or type while recording. Once notes are finished, they are color coded and place in related categories so they are easy to find. Recordings can be built into the notes or edited by adding new recordings to an existing section. Notes and recording can be transferred to other people or to a computer using email or WiFi.

    - This is another organizational app that can allow students to stay on track and have notes organized for them by category. It is also a useful way for teachers to upload notes from classes so students have access to content they may have missed or copied down incorrectly. The recording option is useful for those students in younger grades who may not be able to write quickly enough or for those experiencing learning disabilities.


    - Is a free app that allows students to create, study, and share mobile flashcards, study guides, and quizzes. Students can choose from over 150 million student-authored flashcards, study guides, or quizzes for choose to create their own. With the ability to upload pictures, audio, or equations students can study any subject.

    - Both teachers and students can use this app to create and share their studying tools. Teachers can create flashcards, quizzes, and study guides and assign them to his/her students. Once students have completed the assessments, teachers can track student or whole-class progress to determine whether a concept has been grasped or to determine class-readiness.

Math Kid

    - This free app allows elementary students to work through various math problems including: addition/subtraction, arithmetic sequence, Roman numerals, multiplication/division, percentages, fractions/decimals, and basic equations. By providing hints and feedback, students can use this app with minimal parental or teacher supervision.

    - This app can be used to help students learn and study math on their own. With the ability to customize the training course content, learning can become focused and effective. Teacher can use this app in school and save paper by allowing students to practice various concepts that they have just learned.

Letter Quiz

    - Is an app that allows students in lower elementary to develop writing skills. With features such as: ABC Flashcards, letter identification, matching, and alphabet tracing, students can learn how the alphabet and writing with ease.

    - This app can be used in school or out of school for practice with teaching the alphabet and learning to write. Students can work their way up the difficulty levels and progress at their own pace.

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