Elliot Gerson

Executive Vice President at The Aspen Institute

About Elliot Gerson

A successful public policy executive with a wealth of experience across many disciplines , Elliot Gerson currently works as executive vice president of The Aspen Institute Washington, D.C. and Aspen, Colorado. In this capacity, he oversees all the Public Programs and Policy Programs at the Institute and oversees its relationships with its various international partners in Germany, France, Japan, India, Romania, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Elliot Gerson and his colleagues provide venues for nonpartisan examination of critical domestic and international issues, offer seminars and leadership programs, and conduct public policy analysis across a wide range of fields.

Aside from his work with The Aspen Institute, Elliot Gerson serves as the American Secretary of the Rhodes Trust, managing the American Rhodes Scholarships. In this role, he oversees the annual selection of 32 American Rhodes Scholars, and advises them about their courses of study at the University of Oxford in England.

Elliot Gerson holds an AB from Harvard, an MA from Oxford and a JD from Yale Law School.

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