Elliott and Associates Renewable Energy Review: Climate Degegates Generating Tonnes of CO2

Climate degegates generating 29,000 tonnes of CO2: Group

Flights and hotels for the entire 9,000 delegates from 190 countries attending the UN climate confernece here will generate almost 29,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, according to an estimate by a group campaigning on behalf of green energy developers.

According to Project Developer Forum, the 29,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide is roughly equivalent to the emissions produced by the entire Pacific island state of Kiribati in six months.

Benny Peiser, of the climate-sceptic Global Warming Policy Foundation described the 12-day climate summit in the Peruvian capital as the “green blob’s annual ritual” and “an expensive form of mass tourism, never mind the carbon footprint”.

“More importantly, the ritual gathering isn’t going to overcome the underlying deadlock,” he said.

“The developing world will ask for a high price which will sink the deal in the US.” He said he believed any deal would not be legally-binding and that this would lead the EU to renege on its own carbon-cutting pledges.

“In short, the deal that is now in the making won’t slow CO2 emissions and won’t bind any nation. But it will be sold as a breakthrough – as all agreements have been sold in the past,” he was quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

The delegates are attempting to draft a global climate deal which is due to be officially agreed at next year’s summit in Paris. The aim is to come up with an agreement that will cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit global warming to two degree centigrade above pre-industrial levels, beyond which scientists say the effects will be far more dangerous.

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