Elliott Associates: They Market like They Own it

Elliott Associates has this unique company motto that inspires its clients' complete trust: Marketing a property like they own it. Now, that is one real estate marketing strategy you do not hear every day. And if you do, you do not see it done every day as well. So, what does this mean in real business terms?

First of all, it is obvious that this will not be possible to do for any company that has not been actively involved in the real estate business itself. You cannot manage something for someone else unless you have done it yourself for your own property.

In general, Elliott Associates provides investment services also in Paris for clients who own property or wish to purchase one and develop it. Its experience in successful transactions in almost a billion-dollar worth of commercial real estate assets fully equips it to handle any deal. In essence, Elliott Associates is committed to "buy and sell every property as if (they) owned it (themselves)".

Acting on behalf of its clients who put complete trust in its expertise allows all parties involved in the stability of the transaction and the property's potential to benefit all parties. The entire process depends upon the ability of the "project manager" (Elliot Associates, that is) to direct the course of the process to a successful completion.

From the Atlantic shorelines to the Salt Lake City area, Elliott Associates has handled transactions, whether it be a multi-tenant retail or single-tenant, net-leased property, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, vast data base, tested investment analysis method, and innovative marketing strategies.

Elliott Associates' unique advantage as a company comes its deep foundation into each aspect of the real estate industry which includes a treasure-trove of expertise, know-how, track record and resources that it leverages for its clients in its specially-designed approach.

This has earned Elliott the reputation as one of the leading Commercial Real Estate companies. Being a family business, the company has established a norm of customized service – even a personal approach – to the client's meticulous needs and conditions.

The main thrust in this entire process is the building of trust in the client; and Elliott Associates accomplishes this diligently to establish and uphold its mission through "clear, concise and frequent communication".

Trust can never be established in the absence of an open line of communication from the onset of a transaction to its final stages. Elliott Associates' ability to achieve its vision of marketing properties, now available in Tokyo, on behalf of its clients depends upon possessing the right information and the flexibility to adapt to the dynamics of a transaction based on the parameters established between the company and the property owner. Any backlog or gaps in the communication lines between the owner and the company destroys the whole idea of this marketing strategy.

All in all, Elliott has established its tested capability to be the paragon for the successful application of this marketing approach. Success is the final proof of any strategy's effectiveness.

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