Week at a Glance

Ms. Elliott's Room

Week of August 17-21

I am excited to say our first week of 4th grade is complete! At times it seemed like it flew by, and at other times it seemed like a year! I h

Week of May 18-22

And the countdown begins!

This week was a fun week of looking back on so many memories. Students chose their favorite and ran with it to create a fun and nostalgic story. Next week we will be finishing it up and presenting. Students will be required to illustrate these as well, which means they will most likely be taking their books home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening to finish those pictures.

Next week we will have…

Monday- regular

Tuesday- regular

Wednesday- Spirit Day

Thursday- our Amazing Race Day

Friday- behavior party day with a movie and popcorn!

Elliott M- Guidance/Library, T- PE, W- Computer Lab, Th- PE, F- Music

Paul M- PE, T- Computer Lab, W-Music, Th- Guidance/Library, F- Art

We are hoping for some volunteers for Thursday’s Amazing Race! Please email Ms. Paul if you can make it! We would love for you to spend the day with us.

Thank you for being such a supportive group of parents- we love you!


Ms. Elliott

Week of May 11-15

Hi parents!

Woo hoo! Another week down- we are doing great! We have done huge amounts of research on our class animals as well as our individual animals. Groups worked together to create poster board presentations that will be displayed next week. They were given a rubric and the freedom to get creative! They did not let us down!

Next week we will be presenting in science as well as starting another project (this time in math). It’s a surprise!!

Thank you for returning your kiddo’s Friday Folder in the middle of the week! We got so behind on those during TCAP review and TCAP time, but we should be back to normal now.

I hate to bring this up, but it has to be said. Fighting, arguing, name calling, etc. has become a problem down our 4th grade hall and I’m sad to say it has entered our room. While we are normally kind hearted, rudeness has become a problem as well. Please talk to your student about this issue. The end of the year is here and tensions are running high, but we must be polite to our peers and teachers.

Next week…

Elliott M- Computer Lab, T- PE, W- Music, Th- Art, F- PE

Paul M- Music, T- Guidance/Library, W-Art, Th- PE, F- Guidance/Library

Lots of Love,

Ms. Elliott

Week of May 4-8

Hello parents!

-I hope you have enjoyed this amazing weather we have had this weekend. It has been a very relaxing few days since we have conquered TCAP. I want to take a minute to thank you for all of the hard work you have put into your students this year and especially while I have been on board. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of kids and parents. THANK YOU!

-This week we will be focusing on 4 animals. Dwarf African Frog, Fiddler Crab, Millipede, and one of the student’s choice. Students will be researching 2 of the 4 animals they will be assigned. Unfortunately, computer labs are completely booked up this week… Because of this I am asking you to allow your student to bring their electronic devices that have internet access this week. We will be able to use the school’s wifi. If they have more than one device they are welcome to bring them. We will be doing our research on these devices and for those who do not have a device- we will use the 4 computers in our room.

-At the end of this week each group will be making a poster board of information to present to the class. If you are interested in donating any poster boards to our room we would be very grateful! We need 6 total between the two classes.

-I mentioned in an email the other day that these animals will be available to adopt :) This is true! You just need to send in a signed note saying that your student is allowed to bring one (or more) home AND bring a small container with air holes to transport our critters. We have frogs, crabs, and (ewww!) millipedes!

-I also mentioned in an email that we have been lucky enough to extend our Moby Max program throughout the summer months! This is a great way to keep up with math and reading skills during those long summer days. Mrs. Paul and I highly recommend making this a consistent habit during our time off.

-Last thing I want to mention is the President’s Physical Fitness program for this year. The student’s know more about it than I do… if they have been asked to participate (Mrs. Rambo or Mr. Ezelle would have given them a permission form) the form is due this week. I will find out more details on that tomorrow.

This week for related arts…

Elliott M- Music, T- Art, W- PE, Th- Guidance/Library, F- PE

Paul, M- Art, T-PE, W-Guidance/Library, Th- PE, F-Computer Lab

Just a few more weeks left and we are going to make them count!! Wilson Elementary School ROCKS!!!


Ms. Elliott

Week of April 20-24

Hey there Parents!

Happy Friday- I think we’re all ready for the weekend! We have been working so hard and I am pleased to say that 9 students in my class as well as 9 students in Ms. Paul’s class did online textbook extra practice last night!! This extra practice is a GREAT way to prepare for testing.

Next week…


M- PE, T-Computer Lab, W- PE, Th- Music, F- Art


M- Computer Lab, T- Music, W- Guidance/Library, Th- Art, F- PE

-In math we reviewed Least Common Multiples and Greatest Common Factors. We are also reviewing the Identity property of multiplication, the Zero property of multiplication, the Associative property of multiplication, and the Communitive property of multiplication. I have asked your student to look over them and be 100% positive of their meanings by Monday. These were taught much earlier in the year so it should be all review.

-In science we have been reviewing moon phases as well as electricity and magnetism. Be sure to ask your kiddo about these topics!

-Next week, we will continue to review, but it will be much more relaxed.

-In math will be playing review games, doing Versatiles, TCAP sample questions, and working in the computer lab for specific Topic review.

-In science we will be focusing on food webs, food chains, and energy pyramids. We will be reviewing erosion from earlier in the year.

-Please encourage your child to start or continue using the online textbook resource!!

Hooray for the weekend,

Ms. Elliott

Week of April 13-17


Yay! Another week down and the countdown to the finish like begins. This week we did AMAZING!!!! I cannot brag on your babies enough. We worked on graphing in math (circle, bar, line, line plots, etc.) and even got into mean, median, mode, and range. In science we learned all about plant and animal cells and what makes them similar and different. We learned that plant cells have TWO MORE ORGANELLES than we do! We also took time to review the moon phases-  “light on the right” means waxing.

Take a minute to review our busy week with your kiddo. I cannot express how proud I am for how hard they have worked this week. I was telling the other 4th grade teachers- I think this was the most productive week we’ve had by far.

Next week…

Elliott M- PE, T- Music, W- Art, Th- PE, F- Guidance/Library

Paul M- Guidance/Library, T- Art, W- PE, Th- Guidance/Library, F- PE


Continuing mean, median, mode, and range. Having a quiz Tuesday over data from graphs as well as mean, median, mode, and range. We will move on to shapes, transformations, congruency, and symmetry.


Continuing life processes with a quiz on Tuesday. Finishing out the week with a short study on Adaptation and Extinction and a quiz on Friday. Whew!

We will also be reviewing electricity and magnetism which was studied earlier this year.

WE ARE ROCKING SCHOOL THESE LAST WEEKS!! Encourage your kiddo to STAY STRONG! 11 instructional days until TCAP and your kids will tell you that we are definitely making every minute of every day count!

Over and Out!

Ms. Elliott

Week of March 23-27

Hello parents,

Hope you have had as good of a week as we have. This week was Boosterthon kick off and I wanted to thank all of the parents who have already registered their kiddos for it! This week we took a math and reading benchmark to help give us an idea of where we are in terms of TCAP preparation. We have 4 more weeks of instruction to use to the best of our ability to prepare. I am proud of where we are currently and excited about our momentum. I am confident that with hard work from us teachers, your kiddos and yourselves we will be ready come time to test.

Next week…

Boosterthon is Thursday the 26th. I do not know when our run is scheduled yet but will let you know A.S.A.P.!!

Elliott M- Guidance/ Library, T- PE, W- Computer Lab, Th- PE, F- Music

Paul M- PE, T- Computer Lab, W- Music, Th- Guidance/Library, F- Art


We are continuing measurements working on units of weight, units of weight, and converting measurements. We will have a quiz Wednesday as well as a Quick Test (#8) over variables algebraic expression. After that is wrapped up, we will begin ordered pairs.


We finished up light and color this week and are moving to motion. Some words your kiddos will see this week are speed, velocity, friction, gravity, force, and simple machines.

We are giving a HUGE thank you to our reading teachers down the hall for incorporating our science this week within their reading and language arts lessons!

An email was sent this week about student tardiness and absentees. This is becoming habitual. Please have your students walking in the classroom no later than7:28. We begin class promptly at 7:30 and cannot afford any lost time. If you are getting your student to school on time- please remind them to be swift getting from the school entrance to our classrooms.

Thank you for your continued support,

Ms. Elliott

Week of March 2-6

Hello all!

I hope you have enjoyed your mini-break… I know I sure have! We didn’t get as much done this week as we had hoped BUT while we were at school we worked HARD!!

I sent a note home in your child’s agenda that addresses the topics that will be covered in a math quiz this Monday. I did not assign specific homework but talked to the children about how important it is to study for quizzes. Thank you in advance for taking the time to study with them.

Kiddos are digging into their prior knowledge each week by doing a “Throwback Thursday” lesson! Each week we take a TCAP style quiz over topics they learned earlier this year. This is graded and returned each week as well. This data will help drive studying for TCAP later in the year.

Monday is Read Across America Day.

Next week…

Elliott M- Guidance/ Library, T- PE ,W- Computer lab ,Th- PE, F- Music

Paul M- PE, T-Computer lab, W-Music, Th- Guidance/ Library, F- Art


We will be finishing up decimals with a quiz Monday over all of topic 13. The note sent home with your kiddo will show exactly where in the textbook and workbook to study. Starting Tuesday we move into our unit on lines, angles, and measuring angles. There is a quiz scheduled Friday for that topic.


We are continuing our study of electricity and magnets by using our kit provided by Rutherford County Schools. In this kit we will be able to do more hands on activity to further investigate the topic.

Social Studies-

We will be finishing our study on the Middle Colonies.


Ms. Elliott

Week of February 16-20

Woo Hoo!! We had a super Valentine’s Day party! Thanks for all the supplies and Valentine’s you guys sent in.

If you could, take a minute with your child to go over the work that comes home in their Friday Folder. I want to make sure that the work they are turning in is up to par (neat handwriting, complete sentences, turning in their BEST work, etc.). Papers have grades and some feedback. Thanks for taking time to do this.

Next week…


M- No school, T- Art, W- PE, Th- Guidance/Library, F- PE


M- No school, T- PE, W- Guidance/Library, Th- PE, F- Computer Lab


We are continuing decimals next week (modeling addition and subtraction of decimals, adding and subtracting decimals, and multiplying a whole number by a decimal). This Thursday and Friday we worked on rounding to the nearest whole number and tenth. Ask your kiddos about this and they can tell you all about “0 through 4 stay on the floor, 5 through 9 climb the vine.” J

We have Quick Test #6 scheduled for Thursday over fractions and decimals. The standard we are testing on is all about comparing fractions and decimals and being able to put them in order line. Because of this, we have incorporated number lines in our work this past week. This would be something great to review with your child.


Please go over the quiz we took this week over electricity. The most missed questions were about 1. Like charges repelling and unlike charges attracting 2. Turning switches on closing the circuit and turning switches off opening the circuits. These are skills that very well may be on TCAP.

Next week we are headed to magnets (Earth as a magnet, electromagnets, and generating electricity). We have a tentative quiz scheduled for next Friday.

Social Studies

This week we studied the New England Colonies. Your student should be able to tell you why the Puritans migrated to America. They should also be able to tell you why other groups broke off of Massachusetts Bay Colony to form Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

Next week we are moving down the coast to the Middle Colonies.

Have a MARVELOUS 3 day weekend,

Ms. Elliott

Week of February 9-13

Hello all!

This has been another great week- we even got a new student! Ms. Keonshae is the newest member of the classroom and we are overjoyed to have her here. This Wednesday we have something called MIST testing. This is a writing assessment that grades 3-5 will take this week. Please make sure your kiddo gets lots of sleep Tuesday night and a good breakfast Wednesday morning!

Next week…


M- Guidance/Library, T- PE, W- Computer Lab, Th- PE, F- Music


M- PE, T- Computer Lab, W- Music, Th- Guidance/Library, F- Art

Math- Continuing decimals and fraction study (especially incorporating number lines) and a quiz Wednesday over 12.1-12.5. Students have written down everything that they will be quizzed over on a post-it note. It can also be found in the book pages 268-281.

Science-Continuing study on electricity and circuits and a quiz Thursday over information found on pages 282-293. Students have also written down everything that they will be quizzed over on a post-it note.

Social Studies- Continuing to dive into colonial America by starting from the beginning. We are focusing on why America was colonized in the first place in the Virginia Settlement, New England Settlement, and the French and Dutch Settlements. We will be using the USA Studies Weekly newspaper as a resource for information.


Ms. Elliott

Week of February 2-6


Another great week under our belt. I am very proud of your kiddos. This week has been a lot more rigorous in terms of schoolwork as well as expectations from Ms. Paul and myself. Your students are rising to the occasion.

I sent home the math quizzes a day early-Thursday- because we do not give homework on weekends (though I will not take them up until Monday). This way, your students could work on it last night as well as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Thanks to all the troupers who have come seen me in the morning this Wednesday and Friday! We used that 15 minutes before school to work towards success in fractions. I will be here at school at 7 next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday again to help.

Next week…

Elliott M- Computer Lab, T- PE, W- Music, Th- Art, F- PE

Paul M- Music, T- Guidance/Library, W- Art, Th-PE, F- Guidance/Library

Math- moving onto decimals… (Place value, comparing and ordering, fractions and decimals, fractions and decimals on number lines, mixed numbers and decimals on the number line) It’s important to have a strong foundation in fractions before we move onto decimals- hopefully time spent on correcting the fraction quiz from last week will help build that foundation.

Science- continuing electricity… (Electric currents, conductors and insulators, circuits and switches, and types of circuits)

Social Studies- finishing Maya, Aztec, and Olmec. Now that we have studied early Native American groups in North America, we will move onto the history of America as a country starting with the 13 colonies. Ms. Paul will be integrating our colonial studies into her reading!

Have a wonderful weekend and feel free to contact me at any time via email elliotta@rcschools.net or by calling the school,

Ms. Elliott