The Benefits of Pet Grooming

Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Elmhurst Animal Care Center of Elmhurst, Illinois is a comprehensive pet care facility.

About Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Housed in an impressive facility boasting of eight examination rooms equipped with state of the art technology, Elmhurst Animal Care Center strives to provide a welcoming and nurturing visit for both pets and owners.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center currently serves the Elmhurst, Illinois, and surrounding areas for residents’ veterinary and pet care needs. Routine visits are available via a walk-in schedule for convenience. Elmhurst Animal Care Center possesses a roomy reception space to create a stress-free environment for pets and owners. Additionally, Elmhurst Animal Care Center examination rooms vary in size to accommodate pet sizes and each contain an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, a hydraulic lift table for heavier or less mobile animals, and the standard array of supplies. Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers a number of procedures including spaying and neutering and declawing.

During invasive surgeries or treatments, Elmhurst Animal Care Center implements anesthesia to prevent any sensations of pain that would occur during procedures. Prior to general anesthesia, Elmhurst Animal Care Center professionals perform a thorough physical where the veterinarian listens to the lungs and heart and squeezes/places pressure on the abdomen. Additionally, Elmhurst Animal Care physicians also run a blood test to look for any abnormalities. Local and general anesthesia applications remain on hand as needed.

One use of general anesthesia is applied during declawing procedures. Elmhurst Animal Care Center utilizes a laser approach to remove the nails as it may offer less pain and trauma. Cats’ front claws are removed and bandaged. Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides local anesthetics and painkillers following surgery and suggests to owners that shredded paper be used instead of regular cat litter during the healing period.

At Elmhurst Animal Care Center, we take pet grooming very seriously. Not only does regular brushing and trimming of pet hair make your dog or cat look better, it can be a tool in the early detection of certain disorders and can eliminate parasites. The grooming team at Elmhurst Animal Care Center is both professional and experienced. In addition to bathing and grooming your companions, we can style, de-skunk, and add decorative touches like bandanas.

When you brush your pet, it helps eliminate dirt and spread skin oils, making for a shiny coat. However, grooming is not merely an aesthetic endeavor. Pet grooming is the perfect time to address additional areas of concern. Groomers can check the ears for debris or ticks, clean the eyes thoroughly, trim the nails, or perform anal gland expression.

Further, regular professional brushing is perhaps the best way of performing "skin checks” for your cat or dog, which can detect tumors or other skin conditions before they become problematic. This is especially important in breeds like Boxers, which are prone to dermal tumor formation. If anything out of the ordinary is found, the groomer immediately informs the vet, who can then intervene if necessary.