Pathways to


Technological              Pedagogical                  Content                   Knowledge



Substitution                  Augmentation             Modification              Redefinition


Using technology is like swimming in a pool!                                                                     Sometimes you're in the shallow end, sometimes you're in the deep end.  There are also times you are sitting on the steps, and not using technology at all.   So let's put on our swimmies, wade in the shallows, and when you're comfortable, jump in the deep end!!


                                                                 STEP 1

Purpose:  Teachers will be introduced to the TPACK and SAMR models.

Scroll over the pool below from left to right, and watch the videos.   CONSIDER how TPACK & SAMR could help support your digital learning and teaching.

Brainstorm with your PLC, and record the following on a chart:

1. What 21st century technology skills do students need to know at your grade level?            Students should be able to......

2. What do teachers need to do to make it happen?

3. What do students need to do?

Examples of Charts

Step 2

Purpose: Teachers will come together in cross-grade level groups to brainstorm the necessary 21st century skills and digital competencies students need to learn in elementary school, to ultimately become middle-high school or college ready.    Let's look at the BIG PICTURE together!!

Directions:                                                                                                                               Bring your chart to the staff meeting. Post around the room.                                      Teachers will carousel around the room, using cellphones or iPads to take pictures of the charts.   Sit with peers from other grade levels.   Review the charts and discuss.

*Discuss: differences, correlations, surprises, “Ah Ha” moments!

How can we, as a school, make sure kids are middle school "tech ready"?

*Brainstorm with your will you adjust your thinking... a lesson... your teaching???


Purpose: Apply TPACK/SAMR as pathways or solutions for identifying or transforming pedagogy when partnering with technology (attitude).

Reflect on a lesson you have taught, or you are going to teach, that involves technology.   Using the SAMR Ladder organizer, THINK and COMPLETE each SAMR section with your team, or a partner.  (see handout)