Ecosystem portfolio

Forest ecosystem

Abiotic Factors:

Biotic Factors:
primary consumers
secondary consumers

Carrying capacity:
the maximum,number of organisms of a particular species that can be supported in a giving invironment

water,food,and a habitat are needed foe a population to survive

           A population changes over time because,when too many resources are used there is not enough for other animals who will eventually die out.For instance,if you have rabbits and foxes in your population,and there's not enough habitat resources,most of the animals will die out.

limiting factors:an environmental factor,that tends to limit population size.

Forest fires, disease and floods are are all limiting factors in a ecosystem.

one predator/pray relationship,is a grey fox,and a deer.If there was a fire,then some of the animals like the deer, may have no home and leave,which would give the grey fox nothing to eat.

producers:an organism that is able to produce it's own food[grass].

herbivors: organisms that only eat plants/producers [rabbits].

omnivors: organisms that eat both plants and animals[bears].

carnivors: organisms that eat only animals[deer]

decomposers: a bacterium organism that breaks down dead cells in plants/animals[mushrooms]

scavengers: an organism that feed on dead organic matter[fly]

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