K-12 Apps for Effective mLearning

Cole Hatchard

The Elements

The Elements is an application that animates and presents every single one of the elements on the periodic table. By using exciting and appealing graphics and animations, learning the periodic table becomes fun and easy!

The Elements is an effective way to help students remember the most important elements by associating them with easy to remember pictures and animations. Rather than pure memorization, students can remember each element by accessing more visual parts of their brain to give them something to correlate it with throughout their career in chemistry.


iBooks is used for reading electronic books (eBooks) on the iPhone or iPad. Books can be purchased and downloaded from the eBook Store and immediately read on the device.

Allowing for easy, on-the-go reading, iBooks allows students to keep all of their literature and textbooks in one spot. Preventing issues like torn or lost pages, or even lost books, iBooks keeps everything on the device to allow for compact storage and access. The application has many aesthetic options, like changing the font size or colour as well as the ability to highlight and share passages across devices. All of this on top of having access to sharing everywhere via iCloud.


This application, named TED after the well-loved lecture and presentation series, TEDTalks, gives access to over 1000 of the most popular and interesting lectures available. These demonstrations are given by the world's leading experts and professionals in every area and give insight into hundreds of different topics.

For students, this application gives a great opportunity for supplementary lessons in areas that may require extra or other attention. By giving the option to hear from professionals in different areas, students can get a better perspective on certain topics as well as understand other concepts easier. Furthermore, TEDTalks are just plain cool, so who wouldn't want to watch them and learn a thing or two?

History: Maps of the World

History: Maps of the World is an online map tool that offers a visual on geographical and geopolitical changes over the course of history. From continental shifts to human conquests, this application gives images to help fully grasp the nature of how our earth has changed.

Personally, I would have adored this application throughout high school. In history class, as we learn about different events around the world, it is often difficult to memorize and imagine specific areas of interest which does not allow for a full understanding of the issue. By using this application, students can follow along in class, essentially in real time, as they witness the conquest of Alexander the Great across the known world, to the drastic changes in Europe and North America in the last 200 years.


Evernote is an amazing organizational tool to help keep all of your documents and files in order across all of your devices. As basically an App-of-all-trades, Evernote helps you get almost anything done on your device without getting messy or confused or misplacing items of interest.

In the classroom, Evernote can aid to replace conventional note-taking and file-sharing between students and teachers alike. Rather than have multiple notebooks for multiple classes, students can keep all worksheets and notes for every class in one spot on their device. Furthermore, it eliminates the hassle of trying to keep lockers, desks and backpacks organized by having a simple interface to allow for easy organization on the iPad itself.

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