Swift and Sturdy Mahindra Gusto

Gusto is the latest creating from the house of Mahindra. The scooter is styled in Italy and it is equipped with features that are promised to give other scooters in its range a run for their money. Mahindra has been in the two-wheeler industry for some time, and as far as scooters are concerned they have previously launched Rodeo and Duro. Both these models were inherited by Mahindra from the Kinetic-SYM legacy. Following the establishment of their own R&D department, Gusto is the first scooter to be launched by Mahindra.

The scooter is power-packed with a 110 cc, 4-stroke, M-Tec Engine which is promised to give you all the thrills and chills. The engine gives you highly commendable average, so you can burn less fuel as you burn the road. The engine is highly refined and the vibrations are kept to the minimum.

The seat of Gusto is broad and well-cushioned and it helps you sit in an upright position. The long wheelbase of the scooter gives enough legroom even for a tall rider. The biggest USP of Gusto is its innovative height-adjustable seat. The feature helps you in raising or dropping the seat.

Gusto comes with a remote flip key. You just have to press a button and the key of the Gusto flips open. The key even comes with a LED panel that illuminates the keyhole at night. Mahindra Gusto also features FIND-ME lamps which will help you find your scooter in a crowded parking lot. Just hit the key button and the vehicle will announce itself by blinking and beeping. The guide lamps of Gusto stays on for few seconds even after you switch off the ignition just to guide you in dark places.

Gusto comes with 12 inch tyres unlike other scooters which are fitted with 10 inch tyres. The tyres are tubeless and it also provides high level stability at any speed.

To sum it up, Gusto is an honest attempt by Mahindra to break into the scooter segment. The features, looks and power of the scooter will surely make Mahindra sure-footed in the scooter segment.