Jordyn Strauser


11 am- 2 pm

Looking for personal growth and artistic fulfillment? Jordyn Strauser is the girl you need to talk to! We are now offering grants for people to have their pictures taken. Your well-being involves working for FINISH photography. I know it. Your potential to take people's pictures or pictures of nature are through the roof! Of course once you get that amazing lightning picture you'll head in for shelter. Come talk to Jordyn to find out what your full potential is!

Tyler Matthews



Working here at FINISH you get to explore everywhere. Anywhere you want! You live for this, and to survive you need to know your area. Tyler will tell you just what you need to know. We don't want you doing work and getting hurt for doing something you love. You aren't one of those couch potatoes, you are a cheetah running through the jungle. You have all your senses amplified while running!  As you're running through the jungle you are so happy and the excitement in your body makes you feel like the king! You are a cheetah who is smart and safe. You are brave.  So if you have any questions come on over and see Tyler!

Aly Eversman



Do you like a challenge? Even if it's risky? That's what FINISH is all about! You are on the road to achieving your goals! You want that promotion, right? You just need to perform a little better! That's why we are bringing Aly to YOUR TOWN! That's right she'll be here! First you need to learn how to perform better with your camera! Are you willing to learn? The more motivated you are now gives your children that much better of a chance at whatever they want to do, when they get to be old enough! You don't want them unmotivated, right? Your kids will be so proud and happy to call YOU their parents! When they see your amazing photos they will say, "Wow. My mom/dad did that!". It all starts with you. Now lets talk about how you're going to achieve those goals of yours, right here with Aly Eversman!

Chris Gomez


What kind of goals do you have?

Here at FINISH, everyone has different goals. Some people have more extrinsic goals and some have more intrinsic goals. What do you have? Chris is here to help you figure that out. Let's say you want that promotion so your office gets upgraded. Then you'll have more room to do studio type of photos. Who doesn't want a bigger studio? Those are extrinsic goals. Many people have those here at FINISH. Those people are the ones that really focus on studio pictures. The majority here have intrinsic goals. They need to go outside and get those eye catching shots! They feel the most satisfied when they get that perfect shot! Now what are your goals? Come talk to Chris and find out!

Reegan Smith


Balancing your Performance

Do you feel an imbalance in your life? Reegan will help you restore the balance you're looking for! If you're striving to do your life long goal of working for FINISH and your family isn't okay with it, Reegan will help you figure out how to get them on your side and be supportive! The balance will be restored and there will be less arguments! She will be the hero of your day. First you have to really think and know how much you love working for FINISH, and go tell everyone how great it is! If your actions and thoughts are the same, you can restore the balance so easily!



How do you feel?

Are you happy with things? Or are you mad, sad, or maybe even scared? Have you lost your excitement toward your goal or what you're striving for? Sacagawea is here to help you figure out what you need to know!  You have to be happy. When you're happy you will see how great the world is! The world is safe for you to be here. Your work and family things will all better. Those 50 pounds of stress will be lifted off of your shoulders when you discover how much better things are than what you think. You have to make the people around you happy, too. If you show them you are happy then they are more likely to be happier, too! Just by giving one quick smile to someone can brighten their whole day! One simple facial expression can change anything. As long as you think and believe you are happy, you will act happy. If you believe you are happy and you act happy, you will see that you truly are happy. Your life will be so much easier. Sacagawea is here to help you become the person you are meant to be.

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