A RPG set upon your own land were the choice and consequences are yours to heed.

The Sandbox RPG is all deterred by the power of the Oculus Rift, as you roam, ride and rediscover the vast landscapes of your home, the lushes and dusty aesthetics are all due to the western art style. As the game is meant to look like it is in the American Frontier, I figured this style would be best to go with the art. The style follows an oil painting style, I decided oil would be better than water paint as oil is more expressive and has much darker tones, especially with all the browns that would be used within the world.

As for gameplay mechanics, the prime focus is: Construction, Territorial Acquisition and even Spacial Reasoning. The game is all about what you do within your land, as the new owner, you have full control of what goes on in your homestead. Grow crops, open up merchants, take the stead out for a stroll, the options are endless. Will you protect your land, bring income and grow your homestead into a larger community for the West? or will you fail to self pity and die painfully with your destitution?

A few images based upon the Art Style:

The Unique Selling Points:

  • Name - Defines the game in one word, "Homestead" spurs on the concept of a land in which is occupied by an owner that is acquiring/ settling land.
  • Choice - Freedom of choice within the Sandbox world. Grants the player immersion, if they want to spend the day hunting and then followed by sleeping under the stars, the game allows it.
  • Art Style - A unique palette of oil paints, expressing the maroon colors and tones, also exaggerating the blissfulness and comfort of the Wild-West.

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