My inferences for Cinderella

"Always be as good as you are now and I promise you will be protected. Although I cannot be here at your side as you grow, I will be watching over you."

***her mother is saying she will watch her from heaven.***

"The stepsisters were delighted with their gowns and jewels, and paraded in front of their mirrors in all their vanity."

***They looked at the dresses and jewels in the mirror. Looking at how they look in them.***

"As they passed the hazel tree, the small white dove flew along beside him and as the prince turned to look at the bird, he noticed blood trickling out of the slipper."

***The bird was trying to warn him.***

"The marrage was celebrated with great festivities and the two stepsisters were stricked blind as a punishment for their wickedness."

***They was punished for tricking the prince and for being mean to Cinderella.***

"We will not allow this stupid goose in the parlor with us."

***They was saying they didn't want Cinderella living in the parlor with them.***

"Be home before midnight."

***she has to be home before midnight because the stuff that the doves gave her would vanish.***

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