Name: Brambleberry

Pelt: Brambleberry is a small, lithe, white she-cat with small black spots, a strikingly pink nose, and round, ice-blue eyes.


Mentor: Milkfur



Barkface mentions that Brambleberry had mentioned sweet-sedge at the Moonstone, and that it would work on Hopkit's infected wound and his fever. To help save Hopkit, it is decided that the kit will be taken to Brambleberry for treatment. When Barkface and Talltail arrive with Hopkit at the RiverClancamp, they ask to be taken to Brambleberry, and when three cats glare at him, Talltail tells them that it could be life-or-death for Hopkit, and his life may rest in her paws. Hailstar takes them to Brambleberry's den, and the medicine cat says she has some sweet-sedge to spare. She gives some of the sweet-sedge to Barkface, telling him that Hopkit must swallow the sap of the plant.

Bramblepaw is at the Moonstone with her mentor, Milkfur. When Featherpaw states that he does not know what to say, Bramblepaw states that he will know, and her fur glimmers as she touches his shoulder with her muzzle. She then adds that it will be awesome, just as it was when she became Milkfur's apprentice. Featherpaw then thanks her, and Bramblepaw takes her place at her mentor's side.

Later, at the Moonstone, Brambleberry meets Yellowfangwho will soon become Sagewhisker's apprentice and she shows her support for the ShadowClan cats.

As Yellowfang and Sagewhisker plod up a slope, Bramblepaw, now Brambleberry, bounds forward to meet them. Her gaze rests on Yellowfang with friendly interest, and she greets Sagewhisker, asking her not to tell that she had finally found a apprentice. Sagewhisker then introduces her to Yellowfang, her new apprentice, and Brambleberry gives her a nod of welcome. She then introduces herself as Brambleberry, the RiverClan medicine cat, and tells her to come meet the others. Yellowfang pads beside Brambleberry, and she introduces Yellowfang to the other medicine cats as they approach them.

When Yellowfang is about to be made a full medicine cat, Brambleberry pushes up beside the others, eyes shining and pelt gleaming in the dusk. She exclaims that she is very excited for her. After they are done sharing StarClan dreams, Brambleberry is noted to be awake already. She arches her back in a long stretch, and remarks to Featherwhisker that she had a lovely dream. She adds that she got great guidance from her StarClan mentor.

When Runningpaw is being told about the other medicine cats, Yellowfang mentions Brambleberry, and that he will like her, as she is kind and friendly. Soon, they arrive at the Moonstone, and Brambleberry and Hawkheart greet Runningpaw warmly.

Featherwhisker soon announces that Goosefeather, his mentor, has died, and Brambleberry expresses her feelings with ready sympathy, and asks him how he feels about being ThunderClan'ssole medicine cat.

During the next half-moon Gathering, Yellowfang is relieved to spot Featherwhisker and Brambleberry in front of her, and picks up her pace to catch up to them. She notices that she has a younger cat in front of her, who is a stranger to her. Brambleberry introduces him as Mudpaw, her new apprentice, and announces it proudly upon greeting Yellowfang. When Featherwhisker begins to describe his choice of a future apprentice, Spottedkit, Brambleberry comments that she will be looking forward to seeing her.