Learning to Teach
Day 18: Intro to Infographic

Today I introduced the Infographic project. What I am learning quickly is that while we talk about how much students are of the "digital era" and are "technologically literate" it does not mean they know everything about technology. I began the day with that thought in the back of my mind.

One thing that I made sure of was read over the directions, and explain the directions fully before letting them loose on the project. One thing I did, which was from the advice of my host teacher, was make sure to show them examples and have a few links with the do's and the do not's about how to make an info graph. Most students when I introduced them to the document on their computers seemed to be doing fine with that. Within their groups they looked at the different examples and had to compare and contrast between the good and the bad ones. Then as a class I pulled up the same examples. I told the students what I was looking for and tried to make my directions as clear as possible.

One thing I learned came from this experience. In my last period class, I had left the document in google drives to edit, so that all the students could change things on the page. This was my first mistake. The next time I given them just something to look at, I need to make sure that they would just look at the document and do not edit. The reason was that some students switched around my headings for the good and the bad info graphs and it was not until another student pointed it out did I know. I addressed it right away in class, saying that while I don't mind sharing this stuff with them, this was to help aid them in the project process, and if they don't understand later because they were messing round, then their grade might suffer.

After that I did see a change right away with what the students were doing, which honestly surprised me. But all I kept thinking through out that is that, I am the alpha and what I say goes.

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